Hey there, Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes here…

I don’t know about YOU but I’m totally disgusted with all these Group Deal sites.

I know some of yall built a business over night with them and love them and crap..
so this post probably isn’t for you or maybe it is ..I really don’t give a shit.

So the reality is these sites expect you to split profits usually at around 50% and make the deal rock bottom for like a whole month of boot camp for $50 bucks or less…. Plus they expect you to pay all kind of hidden charges as well.

Hell No, that’s like almost a dollar a day you get and on top of that, you have to convert these people to paying a normal price of $150 plus dollar program?

Ughh. FAIL! Well I’m sure some trainers can swing it….mad Props to them for the extra work.. it’s just not worth it for me ..all that extra work and dealing with the workout tourist.

You know what the workout tourist is right? That’s some of the kind of people you are going to get from deal sites who just go around from deal to deal each month and will never join your program regardless. NEXT!

Ok … I’m done Hating on Group sites..

Actually I’m learned something pretty cool from them..

-PEOPLE LOVE buying off Group Deal Sites..
-They Create Urgency
-They have Social Proof Built in!

AND These sites are actually training massive amounts of people to BUY and insert their Credit CARD # into them like Butter!

People are not afraid to pay online with them and sometimes buying multiple times.

I took the ALL same high converting elements from them ..

And I made my very own Custom deal “sales page” so to speak and integrated MY shopping cart into it.
Yes My Very own Shopping cart! That means I make 100% of all profits and Sales! This also allows me to test different price points and offers. LOL

Now, you are probably wondering how do I get traffic to it?

Well…first off EVERYONE should have their own email list of leads and inactive
clients by now…if not, again this might be too advance for you.

I did some good old internal marketing to my list. For those of you who don’t know what internal marketing is ..

It’s when you offer discounts to qualified leads and inactive clients without letting everyone and your momma know about it.

BTW- You don’t want to de-value your internal deals by offering them to everyone.

My list doesn’t even really care that it’s not a real Group Deals site.. All I have to do is tell them I own my own Deal site and they don’t give shit! Plus.. they have a new deal sites popping up every day now.. how could they even keep up?

I can also post my deal on my fanpage and get some traffic that way too!

Since I’m in total control of my deal and get 100% of the profits..it’s actually very profitable and manageable . I really don’t need Massive amounts of traffic.


So even though I hate Deal sites with a passion.. I actually thank them for inspiring me to think outside the box to keep up with the trends with more Money in my pocket!

Now .. Go get your REAL Deal on!

Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes