Let me first say that this email wasn’t meant to “brag” or “boast’ in anyway.

None of this would be possible without the man upstairs, living in the greatest country in the world and all my wonderful clients, partners, employees and all people that are close to me that have paved the way to my success.

Again, what’s success to me might NOT be success to you. We all have our own definition of success.


The other day as I was walking out of the gym at 5:30am and all of a sudden I had an epiphany.

(yes my favorite time to train is 4am. I can’t wait to jump out of bed and start my day right)

I all of a sudden shouted “D*** Life is Good”

I realized that life for me just can’t get much better than it already is.

I realized that…

I have married my best friend.
(wife and I were friends long before I charmed and drugged her into liking me ;)

I have a beautiful newborn (Hailee Jean Bakhtiar) and a four year old daughter (Bailee Rose Bakhtiar) who I absolutely adore and love. I honestly don’t want to spend one second away from them.

I act the same way in front of my wife as I do around the “fellows” (I know many people who become totally different when their significant other is around)

I do what I love to do and make a very good living doing it. I know many people that are stuck in a job they hate but have no choice cuz they have to make ends meet. THAT SUCKS. I just think life is way to precious to do or be around anything that we don’t like.

I do business on my terms. I realize that some of the best deals are the ones never made. If I feel that a client is not the right fit for our business then I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to another facility.

We do what we do and we don’t what we don’t.

These days I don’t want to travel and be away from my family so I don’t. I often see some people brag about “I am speaking at this event”, “I am going here for business”, “I am traveling here for business” THAT SUCKS. ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR WIFE AND KIDS.

If you’re as successful as you say you are then business should come to you. I don’t go to car wash, car wash comes to me. I don’t go to a barber, my barber comes to me. I feel like if you’re the so called “man” then everything should come to you.

I don’t chase money, money chases me.

The other day I was talking to Fitness Marketing God Father himself the one and only Ryan Lee and he said “Sam, I turned down millions in speaking engagements last year to be with my family”. Now that’s what I call SUCCESS. As long as I have known Ryan, he always put his family above his “business” and that’s why he has my highest respect.

I like writing my name in front and the back of the checks. NOT back of the checks.

I drive the car that I want, live in the house that I want and have a vacation home where I want. Yes there are more expensive cars and bigger homes out there. There always will be no matter who you are.

I don’t just teach fitness entrepreneurs how to run their business, I actually teach them what I am doing in MY OWN fitness businesses that’s working for me. No theory, no hype. Just what’s working for me.
(We just opened up our 5th location in Huntington Beach California and opened up our doors with 12K in EFT revenues)

In the next 90 days we are in negotiations to open 3 more locations.

These days, I often laugh when I see some marketers who don’t know what a bench press is let alone ever owning a fitness business, teaching fitness pros how to run their businesses. SMH

I don’t need Coffee or energy drinks to get up and function. I am high on life. As a matter of fact I naturally beat the alarm clock at at 3am ;)

At 40 I am in the best overall shape of my life. Not the most muscular, but the best combination of muscle mass and cardio. (Flexibility still sucks though)

My wife doesn’t have to work. She can stay home and concentrate on raising our kids.

By the way in my book, you don’t know the meaning of real success til you have learned to love someone more than you love yourself.

My 4 year old is enrolled in private school, gymnastics, dance, music, swimming and spanish. (and school of hard knocks thanks to daddy)

My wife has a personal trainer (she is my only client ;)

My wife has a personal assistant to help her around the house. After staying home for a week, I have so much more respect for women. As my buddy CT Fletcher said give me a 9-5 any day.

(happy wife = happy life)

I have been on my reading game, reading one book a week.

I work with and have the most awesome business partners and employees on earth.

I don’t go to work. I go to play ;)

My gym clients love to hate me and I love to hate them back ;)

My business consulting clients are all pretty much “ran out of room” and are either expanding or looking to open more locations.

I could go on and one but I think you get my drift.

Now my question to you is….

Tell me how life is D*** good for you?

Glass is always half full.

On the way to the top, don’t forget to slow down and smell the roses.

Have fun, build meaningful relationships and live your passion.