Notes from the KBL Mastermind
We’ve just wrapped up an awesome two-days at the KBL mastermind. My brain is brimming with notes and ideas that I’ll be implementing as soon as I get back to Cyprus next week. I’ve summed up some of the best notes I took from the last couple of days so that you can use them to help your business.

Creating a CULTure in your business

  • Be the ROCKSTAR of your business – the person that everyone wants to be around and looks at when you walk in
  • moneyDon’t be too money driven as this leads you to make choices out of fear of what you THINK you should be doing – not what you WANT to be doing. In the end, fulfilment with your business comes from doing what you want, when you want, with the clients you want. Its YOUR business.


  • Answer these questions: Why do you matter to your clients? Why does your bootcamp matter? How does your business change people’s lives? These are more important questions to answer instead of questions such as “Should I use lead boxes or gift cards?” or “Should I use Facebook or Twitter?”
  • How do you define your culture? Simple: write down a list of your standards. This includes what you believe in, why you have created your business and what principles your clients must stand by to achieve their goals. Your goal is not to sell prospects on your programs or shiny equipment, but it is to sell them on your core values and what you expect from them before they join you. Your core values are a statement of “This is how we do things here, and WHY”
  • Man-at-computerGet away from the computer screen and put the lead boxes down. The first priority is to work on giving the best results and client experience imaginable. The Facebook / Google / other external stuff can come later (I know a bootcamp owner who has over 100 clients, earns over $10, 000 per month and has done NO external marketing – the dude doesn’t even have a sales page yet – so you have no excuse)
  • Make the experience of being in your bootcamp family so incredible and full of culture that if the client ever left to try a competing service, they would instantly see and feel the difference, and come straight back to you.
  • As soon as a new client signs up, say to them, “Hey, what’s your cell number?” Take it, and immediately send them a text so they have your number. Then tell them, “Hey if you ever need anything or have any problems please just send me a text or call me and we’ll help you out.” This will make the client feel really comfortable and looked after
  • If you currently offer free trials, consider switching to a paid trial where at the end of the trial you let the prospect know whether they have been accepted into your family or not.
  • Never be afraid to let a prospect walk away. You do NOT have to sign them up to whatever you can, or slash your prices to give them a deal they will like. If they refuse then it means that they are not ready to make a change, or you didn’t ask enough questions in your consultation (which means you probably talked about yourself and ‘pushed’ too much)
  • Create your “10 Commandments” or “5 Tenets” or some number of principles that sum up your core values as a person and match your vision of what your business stands for. if you are having trouble thinking of things, just ask yourself what it is you look for in clients and what life lessons do you want to teach them.


Justin Devonshire

Owner, Bodyshape Bootcamp (Cyprus)