Hey Super-trainers, I present you a chilling blog post from “The Professor” Armando Cruz…

Disgraced. Disappointing. Scumbag. Are a few words that could describe former Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno. His legacy went from being a great leader and football coach to that guy that failed to do the right thing. He failed to protect those that needed it most. The question is why? What did he believe was more important?

There are times in our lives that will test the very fabric of who we are. These inflection points serve to test our core values.

Will you be ready?

Without a strong set of core values your business and your decisions are subject to self-destruct. I remember going to a party being a freshman in high school and having seniors come up to me asking me to forgive them because they were drunk. The question is why? I never said anything to them about their drinking but I made it known by my actions that I had no interest in drinking. First because it was against the law, second because in my core belief’s I felt that I wanted to always be in control and take care of my body. “Your body is the temple of the Lord…” – I Corinthians 6:19.

I share this not because I feel that I am so good but because my father and mother instilled a strong sense of core values. My parents lived them daily. Adolescence is a tough time for most and as a business owner I feel you are exposed to tougher situations than most people. In fact as a personal trainer your relationship with your clients could mean the difference between life and death. Will you make the right decisions?

It is easy to on the sidelines and judge. That is not why I am writing this. The exact opposite is the case. I am writing this because I want success for you and your business. I want to make sure that when you are done reading this you evaluate and re-evaluate your core values so you are ready. Ready for when your beliefs and values are challenged. Ready so there is no hesitation. Your mind shifts into autopilot and guides you by the very blueprint you are creating now.

Your core values will determine your character. If enough money is what will make you do something that is wrong, then you are a prostitute.  Your core values are not something that can be bought with money. Core values are your north star that guides you to your destination no matter the situation.

I like to offer applicable information. Clearly defining and writing what your core values are may be difficult at first. To help you get started – here are 7 Rules for Living that legendary basket ball coach John Wooden’s father gave him as a young man.

John Wooden’s Father’s 7 Rules For Living:

  1. Be true to yourself. First, in the eloquent words of Rocco Castellano, “Who the f*ck are you?” If you don’t know you, then it will be difficult to be true to yourself. Second, once you know who you are, then everything you do must be congruent with that and support that. The same must be said for your business.
  1. Make each day your masterpiece. Think about what a masterpiece is. It is a labor of love, passion, creating from a higher level of consciousness. Set out to create a masterpiece in all that you do. Set out to create a masterpiece in the lives of each of your clients. I created a short video that goes into a creating a masterpiece – WATCH HERE.
  1. Help others. As personal trainers you should live to serve. One of my favorite quotes is, “You never stood so tall as when you bent over to help some one less fortunate than you.” As a personal trainer helping others is part of you DNA. How can you expand helping others that are not your clients? How can you help your clients more? There are no limits as to how much you can help someone.
  1. Drink deeply in good books. “If I have seen farther than others, it is by sitting on the shoulders of giants,” said Sir Isaac Newton. You are what you consume. Each book you read helps you gain the insight and knowledge of it’s author. Choose wisely to enrich your decisions, your relationships, your business, and your life.
  1. Make friendship a fine art. Relationships are probably your most important asset. They enrich your life, the life of others, and give you exponential power to change the world. Treat them seriously and guard them like a jewel.
  1. Build shelter against a rainy day. Plan for the future. Life has seasons. When times are good enjoy it but plan for when times are bad. When times are bad take comfort in knowing that it will get better if you have the courage to press on.
  1. Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day. Gratitude to God, gratitude to nature, gratitude to your friends and family are a must for growth and happiness. Get into the habit of vocalizing what you are grateful for first thing in the morning. This practice will lead to better days.


I hope you take these 7 rules for living life to heart. I know they will help guide you and fast track to you to success, happiness, and completeness.

As a personal trainer and business owner there are plenty of sketchy situations you can find yourself in that will test your character. Here are three examples of situations as a business owner and personal trainer you may find yourself in.

–          Do you allow your trainers to date your members?

–          Do you report all the revenue to the IRS?

–          What do you do when a client pay more than they are supposed to and they have no idea?

It has been quite a journey writing this article. If you have made this far I applaud you. Most trainers will skim these words because it is not the latest marketing or sales strategy. This is a big mistake. I would say core values are the most important thing all business owner, personal trainers, and for that matter our countries leaders need to have.

Remember: If you don’t know what you stand for before hand – when times get rough what will you depend on to make the right decision? Know your core values today.

Commit to excellence daily in thought, action, and love.

Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS

Lifestyle Physical Therapist / Lifestyle Transformation Coach