What’s up Super Trainers! It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post here and I apologize for that. I had to re-negotiate my deal with Sam first. I didn’t want to do it for FREE.

So I got him to change my picture and give me a better nick name than the “Shermanator” J I have been traveling a ton trying to keep up with him going to as many masterminds and events that I possibly can. So far this year I have already been on 4 trips and have 8 more planned between now and June! So we changed “Shermanator” to “Jet Setter”.

All of the traveling and masterminding has definitely paid off. I have met some really cool people, learned some really cool stuff (which I am going to share with you today) and my businesses are doing better than ever.

Today I am going to give you a couple of really cool strategies you can add to what you are already doing (at least should be doing) and make it better.

How many times have you “opted in” for something free and never even read it? I know I have at least a dozen times. Why? Because it was free. It had no value. In fact, sometimes as soon as I opt in, (sometimes with a fake email address or at least one I only use for marketers stuff) I will just unsubscribe.

I know I am not the only one that does that, right? Everyone knows by now (this includes your prospects) that they are not getting it for free. It is costing them their email address which (even though it says they won’t) means you are going to get spammed. People resent the fact that you say it’s Free but have to “exchange” their email address for it.

Since I said I wasn’t going to give you anything for FREE, I don’t want you to read any further and get the cool strategies I have for you, until you promise to do something for me…

All you have to do is contribute and leave a comment below. Not for me, but for all the other super-trainers out there. You see, all the contributors for super trainer give up their time and resources to write these articles and share what’s working in their businesses.

Not for money, but because they truly care and want to share what is working in their businesses to help others succeed. So do me a favor, if you decide to finish reading this post, leave your best strategy or resource that’s working right now in your business in the comment section below.

Ok, I’ll go first. This one is really simple but changes the perception your prospects have when giving you their email address. When you have an opt in on your website, squeeze page, or fan page, make sure you don’t say “FREE Report all you have to do (as soon as you say do it’s not free) is enter your email address”!

Instead say something like “FREE Video shows… Just tell me where to send it so you can check it out.” See the difference? The only way for you to give it to them is to send it to them. Just a little tweak like that will make a huge difference in your how your new prospects perceive you.

I am actually getting away from “FREE” altogether. I have create SLO’s (Self Liquidating Offers) instead. Instead of giving a FREE report away, create something really cool and sell it to them. Get customers right off the bat!

Most “reports” suck anyway. It that really the first interaction you want with a new prospect? The trick is to make the barrier of entry irresistible. So set it up for $47 and mark it down to $7 for a limited time. It can be the same report (only if it’s worth $47)!

You will get Customers instead of Subscribers which are better anyway. Plus, the $7 will pay for the cost of the ads to get them (hence the self liquidating offer). Don’t you think that it would be easier to convert prospects that pay $7 for a DVD and love it, than ones that enter their email for a FREE (crappy) report?

When people trust you with $7 dollars and are satisfied they are much more willing to trust you with $200 a month. I have been doing this almost a year now and it’s been working great! I get much better quality leads and a more responsive email list.

The other benefit of getting them to pay something (even if it’s a $1) is that you get all of their contact info. You get their full name, address, phone number, a legit email (they want a receipt right?), and credit card (one that works) info.

Anyway, that’s my two strategies for today. Hopefully you got some value from it and can add to whatever you are already doing. I am looking forward to seeing your best strategies in the comment section below.

Talk to you soon,