How To Close Personal Training Clients

Posted on 24. May, 2009 by in Marketing Fitness, Personal Trainer Sales Systems

“People get caught up in wonderful, eye-catching pitches, but they don’t do enough to close the deal. It’s no good if you don’t make the sale. Even if your foot is in the door or you bring someone into a conference room, you don’t win the deal unless you actually get them to sign on the dotted line.”

Donald Trump

Say what you want about the Donald, but in business, it all comes down to one thing: closing the deal.

And if you view your Personal Training as your business, then it comes down to the same thing for you too.

Whether you know it or not, there are actually proven systems you can use to close nearly every singl client that crosses your path, and do it for the biggest money training packages possible.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in the HOW TO CLOSE CLIENTS system by my buddy Bedros Keuilian.¬† There isn’t a person alive that’s brought the highest level principles of direct response adverstising and sales to Personal Trainers more effectively than him.

In this program you’ll get the actual step-by-step script on what to say, and how and when to say it. You’ll finally know how to approach every sales coversation with a client, or have a proven script you can hand off to your employees, saving you the trouble of closing every sale yourself.

That’s why I give this program my highest recommendation – and I’ll even go one step further …

As you probably know if you follow this blog, I took my last training program off the market last month, and no longer do private coaching for trainers¬† –

But as part of the HOW TO CLOSE CLIENTS system, I’m going to throw in one of my legendary coaching sessions at no cost …

You’ll get one consultation with me, and if you know my track record, my success rate in getting trainers to the next level is unquestioned.

You’ll get this priceless bonus only if you get Bedros’ program through my link, and only if you get the program by Tuesday 5/26.¬† I don’t want to leave this offer open indefinitely, but you have ’til after the holiday weekend to take me up on it.

Again, I give this product my highest recomendation, and if youre not satisfied with it you can just contact me and I’ll make sure your taken care of personally.

Enjoy the rest of your holdiday – it’s back to work on Tuesday, and if you get your hands on the program, I’ll talk to you then!

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Greg Justice

25. May, 2009


I can personally vouch for Bedros’ “How to Close” program, as I purchased it last year.

You’re on quite a roll with your last two posts. Pat Rigsby and Bedros back to back…they’re two of the brightest guys in the industry, and anything they touch turns to gold.

Keep up the good work.


25. May, 2009

Thanks Greg – yeah all the heavy hitters have stopped by here – the only one missing is you buddy – we’ll get to that really soon!


26. May, 2009

Hi Kaiser,

Thanks for providing us with awesome informations.
Very happy to have found this website, and I am sending the link to all my personal friends.
Have a great week
Lucas Couturier

Trey Dunnam

07. Jan, 2010

Hey Kaiser,

As thousands of trainers around the nation try to boost there clientele I have one thing to say, WE NEED TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS ON THIS SITE. I am constantly listening to Bedros on his links about Marketing, very smart advertiser! I do have a question. My clientele consists of 70% women and 18% of my clients are above the age of 50 due to the area I am in. How and what can I do to pull more middle-aged women? My specialty! Also, do you have any ideas about promoting with a high school athletic team?

Thanks for all your advice,
Trey Dunnam
Fitness Professional

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