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Recently, Fitness Concepts has had a surge of new personal training clients, and it wasn’t because we had some catchy lines.

It was because we have started offering a program that:

1) Addressed a specific need for a specific audience

2) Had a start and an end date

If you have been reading my articles, then you should know by now that no.1 is a must for any kind of marketing. But, it bears repeating that offering a program that meets the emotional needs of a specific market is the best way to generate interest.

No.2 is something that we recently experimented with, and it has been an overwhelming success.

I asked several of my trainers to come up with a 6-week program with a specific goal in mind – usually something that they felt most confident teaching.

Some have passions as runners, others for bodybuilding, and others with combat training exercises. Whatever it was, we found a way to tweak it into a program that offered a tangible benefit to a market that exists within our clientele.

Here are SIX reasons I like offering closed-ended programs:

  1. Clients like to see a “light at the end of the tunnel” and are much more likely to go for a one time purchase.
  2. Related to the first point, with a closed-ended programs there is no long-term agreement that they need to sign. So, their associated guilt and apprehension is no longer an obstacle to overcome.
  3. Financially, it is not as much of a commitment because it is only one-time, and they can save up for it.
  4. When people save up for things, they tend to value them more
  5. Clients see the prospect of pushing themselves for months on end as a daunting task, but asking someone to suck it up and keep with a hardcore diet/training program for 6 weeks is something that is doable and motivates them to achieve new heights.
  6. If a client goes all out for 6 weeks and sees great results, they will love us, stay with us, and usually bring their friends.

These closed-ended programs offer a lot of marketing benefits that rolling month to month does not. Since there is a clear beginning and end, clients tend to push themselves much harder and give better transformations.

Armed with those transformations, it becomes even easier to resell the program the second time around because you have tons of positive feedback from clients.

So, if your EFT sales are struggling, you might be in a perfect market to give a closed-ended program a try. And if it works, you might have an income generating machine for months to come.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


PS – I have been getting a huge response for the VIP day with Sam. If you’re interested in coming in, hanging out with me for a day and seeign my facility and system in action please email Alex AT FitConcepts DOT COM