[jbox color=”blue”]OK, I am totally F***** around.

Just thought to put my sleazy marketing hat on for
a quick sec.

As far as I am concerned.

Many trainers are doing way too many promotions
and price cuts.

Everyday it seems like they have a new “hook up” for their

It’s like going in a store that has a “Sale” sign everyday.

I am on many personal trainers list and this has to stop.

I am not saying not to do lower barrier entry offers.

I am simply telling you not to do it daily or weekly.

Price is NOT the main reason people didn’t join
your facility. TRUST me.

Now most marketers would say offer more “Value”.

And with that advice, trainers are giving away ebooks,
towels, pens and all that other crap.

F*** that…

That’s not going to get them in shape.

They came to you for results not souvenirs.

Give value by giving them results and making sure you
do everything above and beyond to get them there.

OK, back to Sales

However. I have found out first hand that the most
important factor in making a sale is pushing the prospects
emotional hot button.

Find out what makes them tick and PUSH the damn it.

I found that by something as simple as making someone smile
during a consultation our closing percentage went through the roof.

A sales man without enthusiasm and energy is just like an
apathetic cashier who is scanning the groceries like an assembly
worker. Don’t be that dude.

No emotions, no energy, no enthusiasm and no “realness” = No sale.

You Don’t Have To Curse Like I Do Here

Your boy Sam,

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