Hey guys short one but a quick one which helped me get ranked on first page of Google UK within 24 hours. This definitely works in the UK and I’d love for some feedback about USA and overseas so please comment below.

So what is Gumtree? For those of you who haven’t heard of it Gumtree is a free buy and sell site where people can list items they no longer need in the hope that someone from the local area will buy from them. Kinda like a big online garage sale…

Because Gumtree is a trusted site by search engines I have found great success with ranking on the first page or at least top the second page simply by creating an ad which should take on average 10 mins max.

This was a great resource for myself who is in the first year of business and am now only starting to build my online presence. To be honest though the city and keyword I am ranking for would not have as big competition as larger cities like Denver, New York etc would have so this may not work as planned in certain areas. Buy hey nothing ventured, nothing gained…

To post an ad to Gumtree go to the top corner of the page at http://www.gumtree.com and click ‘post an ad’. You will then be taken to a page to start creating your ad.

From here you can select your region and nearest city or county/state. I found creating an ad for the nearest major city (Belfast) and one for the county in question (Co. Down) helped. For the category I chose ‘Health and Beauty’ and a sub section of ‘Alternative Therapies’.

Now time to create the text for your ad. It is important to have a keyword dense title and description. For example I put my title as “Personal Trainer Newry – Bootcamp Newry” and my description as:

“Newry Personal Training provider Personal Best PT offers a wide range of services that will accommodate people of all levels of fitness to help them “Unleash Their Personal Best.” Looking for a Newry Personal Trainer look no further.

  • List of services offered……

Contact Personal Training Newry at the link below

Including the link to your site creates a credible backlink and a point of contact with the customer. Once they come to the page listed above they fill out a webform that comes straight to my email address meaning I never have to communicate using Gumtree but can instead create a relationship through my email address.

Let me know if this strategy works for you by commenting below.

Ok guys this was my final part of a 3 part series. Hope you enjoyed the posts and I hope to share some other small and easy tips to boost your online dominance. Will update you next month with more simple tips and tactics for established and upstart businesses.

Till next time,

Odhran, Personal Best PT

Odhran McCorry is a Newry Personal Trainer, you can check out his Newry Personal Training website here: http://www.personaltrainingnewry.com/