Why Corporate Fitness Is Better Than You Think With Greg Justice

What’s the deal with corporate fitness? Greg Justice Explains
Greg Justice is here to share some of his expertise on the corporate fitness world. He’s been involved in it for over two decades, and definitely knows a thing or two.

Greg currently has multiple contracts with small and large businesses all over the U.S.

And the cool part is, he doesn’t even have to be at any of these locations. He’s got the whole system figured out.

And in this interview he answers some of the most important questions when it comes to getting into corporate fitness.

Interview Highlights

  • What makes a corporate fitness program good for business.
  • What happens if a business doesn’t have space for the program.
  • What the best types of business to target.
  • What size classes are good in a corporate program.
  • How many classes should be held at a business.
  • Why the corporate wellness game is changing right now.
  • Why it may not be harder to get an account with a large business over a small one.
  • Why certain businesses may be better to approach then others.
  • How to bill a business for a corporate fitness program.
  • Does the fitness business owner have to be on site.
  • What is the best way to get corporate clients.
  • What are the obstacles you have to deal with in corporate America.
  • How long are the corporate fitness contracts for.
  • Why trainers have an advantage in the corporate fitness world.
  • What type of money you can make.
  • What is Greg’s biggest piece of advice when it comes to corporate wellness.

Erik “The Interview Guy” Rokeach is a fitness entrepreneur and owner of www.fitnessbusinessinterviews.com. His goal is to help the fitness industry grow by sharing top quality information from other fit pros about how they build their fitness business.