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WELCOME TO HELL!!!! Personal Trainers Reveal Their HEALTH-CLUB HORROR STORIES!!!

Posted on 11. Jun, 2008 by .


When we talk about training here on Super-Trainer, we’re talking about Independent Personal Training, which is one of the most amazing and rewarding situations you can ever get into. A real dream job if there ever was one .. What we’re absolutely, positively, not talking about is HEALTH-CLUB TRAINING!!!This is one of the worst situations you could be in, but unfortunately one that typifies the life of most Personal Trainers. It’ll sap your strength, eat away at your soul, eliminate your drive, and make you hate a profession that you thought would be fun and easy! No, I’m not kidding – it’s really that bad! So if you’re a trainer languishing in one of these situations this post is for you, ’cause your not alone!!! And it’s not just bad for trainers – clients too know that the trainers they’ll find in these situations aren’t always really fit to be practicing this profession at all. Savvy clients these days are staying out of the health-clubs and looking elsewhere. When looking for a trainer they now more often turn to the web or suggestions from friends to find them. This creates an interesting situation where not only is the work much […]

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Posted on 24. May, 2008 by .


I’VE ALMOST GOT MY ICE GRILL DOWN PAT!!!! Just had a craaazzzyyy friday night out here in Vegas – absolutely sick. Until now Super-Trainer has been all about the trainers – about getting you quality information on Personal Training minus the b.s. and rhetoric. But Now I bring you a completely gratuitous, self-glorifying post about how I’m the coolest guy on earth. Haha! But this ones for you too, because right now, as I sit here contemplating how the night went, everything that happened, and how it’s a completely alternative universe from where I was living just a couple of years ago, I’ve had a revealing breakthrough.

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WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT PERSONAL TRAINING?!?! Work, Freedom, And A Six Figure Income In American Society …

Posted on 16. May, 2008 by .


CHUMP-CHANGE: that’s what it feels like I’m making sometimes compared to the MILLIONS you hear people talking about all over the internet. I got a cheesy automated email from a fitness marketer the other day talking about how he’s a MILLIONAIRE and one of his buddies is earning over 150K a month! It takes me a year to earn that much, so there’s kind of a natural feeling you get that you’re missing out on something big … So what’s the big deal about Top-Level Training? Why should someone want to be a Personal Trainer and earn just 100K? Well the answer has nothing to do with money …

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Posted on 14. May, 2008 by .


After all the HYPE surrounding it’s release (created mostly by me), it’s finally here … Without it, most trainers will go on the way they always have – frustrated and not getting to that higher level of training they see and hear about, but no one ever tells you how to reach … but now we’re setting the record straight! The Whistleblower Report: The Truth Behind Training CLICK HERE to see it now – this is the report that pulls back the curtain and shows you what the Personal Training industry is really about: Why most trainers have been lied to and completely exploited The type of clients that bring the highest return Why Personal Training is the best career on earth (if you do it right!) How to create the fitness lifestyle What success in training really means If this sound like hype, it’s not – that’s passion! It can’t be hype because The Whistleblower is FREE – But I’m only letting 500 people see the report – I don’t want this to get in the hands of everyone (about 100 slots were taken in the pre-launch). CLICK HERE to secure your spot and download the report – it […]

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THE ALL-OUT FUROR ON “HOW TO CHOSE A PERSONAL TRAINER” RAGES ON!!! The Debate On Personal Training Credentials Just Doesn’t Stop …

Posted on 10. May, 2008 by .


Call me a low-life geek, but I’ve been surfing the online Fitness and Personal Training forums lately, just getting a pulse for the training industry and promoting Super-Trainer. Well, I was pretty shocked to find what the biggest point of discussion is in the field of Personal Training … There’s a pretty heated debate from within the training community on the issue of credentials in Personal Training. There’s concern, interest, and just plain mud-slinging going on about what qualifications trainers need to have and what makes a good trainer. Now, making better trainers is what Super-Trainer is about – you’ll notice a high density count of the words value, integrity, quality, knowledge, experience, and service in the posts here. Our purpose is to help trainers get committed, step-up, and reach the higher ranks. That’s the way we combat the issue of low-quality training in the majority of settings today.

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