What’s up, guys? Zach here UndergroundStrength.TV. Quick recap of the morning and really the gist of this video is all about doing what others don’t want to do, whether that’s life, lifting, business. That’s how success is created. Right here at the beach, it’s 50 degrees out. It’s 10:45 AM. So let’s get a recap of my morning.

Up at 5:00 AM, got work done on the computer that had to get done. While other people probably would have been sleeping, hitting the snooze button, I made sure I did what other men, women, business people didn’t want to do.

A little after 6:00 AM, cranked 10 rounds of the bodyweight circuit in the garage, took a quick shower, started off with a cold shower, woke up the family. Made breakfast for the family, took the kids – took my daughter to school. Then hang out and played with my son. Bang! Went to training room. Met up with Pauly, Uncle Mike, hit a 525-pound PR dead lift then here we are at the beach. Water can’t be 50 degrees. Maybe it is. Just round about that area. Did five sprints from the edge of the sand, full immersion into the water. Boom! Back out five times with Pauly. All about doing what other people don’t want to do.

So here we are with training. What are you doing to set yourself apart from your past self? It’s really you versus you. In business, what are you doing? We’ve got the Underground Strength Conference coming up. And you know what? I am amazed at how many people are scared. Oh, it’s too close. I can’t get my flight. I can’t – I’ve driven to Texas through the night and, I don’t know, backwoods to make it to a business seminar to speak in front of people. Driven there. That’s about 30 hours by car.

I’ve canceled flights and driven home from Chicago. I’ve hopped on planes. I’ve done many, many things I don’t want to do. So for those of you that ask me, “How do you create success as a strength coach? Why are you so successful?” It’s not just one or two or three things that I do. It’s 50, 60, 70 things that I do but here’s where it comes down to. Having the balls, having the guts to do what other people make excuses about doing.

So if you’ve got excuses, you’re the kind of people that you just get eaten alive in the business world. OK? Top physical condition, top mental condition equals top business condition. Do what others don’t want to do. Do what others fear to do. Go where others don’t want to go and sometimes, I don’t want to do it. But you know what? I don’t have to like it but I make sure I get it done. That’s what separates the average and the mediocre from the highly successful.

If you’re a strength coach, make it to the Underground Strength Conference. Get in the car. Find somebody to share the hotel room with. Find the money. If you don’t have the money, that’s all the more reason to make it. No excuses. Kill the excuses.

Check it out. Go to ZacEven-Esh.com or Underground Strength TV. You will see the Underground Strength Conference logo right there on your right hand side. Get after it before the price increases. The line-up of speakers is ass-kicking. If you sit on your hands in this one, you’re going to be in trouble especially if those guys are in your area, the strength coaches that are attending.

Looking forward to seeing the ass-kickers. Peace. UndergroundStrength.TV. No excuses.