Just like Sam, Krebs and me also love super heroes.

Shit, half the time we think we are super heroes (hey, self belief is the #1 factor to success so I’m not apologizing)….

Back to the point.

What is better than a super hero?

A fucking team of super heroes!!!

To build a business that can grow fast while still maintaining it’s core values and the quality of service you HAVE to have a super hero fitness team that has the same mission/vision as you.

When you think about the quality of training and service at big box gyms/health clubs, I’m guessing you’re not thinking top notch, or this is where I will seek out the best people to deliver great results with an incredible experience. How could you when there is more than a 90% turnover of staff/trainers?

Most people think that the only reason is because the trainers don’t get paid much and they leave because of that. The truth is that they are not appreciated, respected and there is no team unity, mission, vision or purpose.

When you are building your business, your brand, looking into the future, think about how much time and finances you have invested into marketing and sales, your facility, etc. Now look at how much time you have invested into your team.

I’m giving you a minute.

Ok, now be really honest and let me know how big of a difference there is between those areas.

Remember that your team is you and you are your team. One is a reflection of the other. At least that’s how our clients and prospects see it.

Just like investing in yourself reaps the best return on investment, investing in building your team the right way will also give you the best returns.

Looking into the future, I hope you don’t want to be just another fitness business that just worries about having a “body” to run programs and all you think about is how you will pay them little and keep a lot. I see it all the time, only for it to backfire when there is no engagement in the business from the side of the trainer/staff and they either leave a whirlwind of issues for you to fix, or they simply just leave.

To systemize a business you need people you can trust, are loyal and in line with your vision and core values. No matter how many systems you have, there’s still people running them, and who those people are is beyond IMPORTANT!

So how do you create a super hero fitness team?

–          Super hero teams have the same vision/purpose, so should your team. Build a tribe amongst your team before you build a tribe in your members. This will start from the hiring process where you need to make sure people align with your core values (what are your core values? Basically, what do you believe in?). I’ve seen great trainers be a bad fit for a business because even though they were skilled their core values were not aligned with those of the business.

When you are clear about your core values, people will either be connected to them or they won’t. It makes the decision of who to give an opportunity and be a part of your team much easier.


–          Knowledge is power. Or should I say applied knowledge is power, so give your super hero team power by giving them knowledge. Not only will this make them better at their craft, they will appreciate it as it is helping develop them on multiple levels.

Do you reward your team with seminars? Do you bring top-level presenters into your gym and do in-staff training with them? Do you have weekly meetings where you not only discuss numbers but also what can improve the team, the service, their craft? Do you constantly invest in educational resources and let your team have access to them? Do you have systems in place that make it mandatory for your team to read, watch DVD’s, research information and write? How about bringing in people from your network to work on the sales process


–          Super hero teams are loyal, to each other, the mission/vision and the people they help. You build loyalty by showing your team you care about them just like you show your clients you care about them. You build it through doing purposeful actions together, as a team (charity boot camps) as well as spending time together and getting to know each other (team dinners and fun events like paintball, etc.), as well as going through challenges (Tough Mudder, fitness team challenges, crazy workouts) and adversity (being there for each individuals life struggles).

–          Super heroes teams do team building activities. We have started incorporating team-building days and are planning a two-day survival course where we will do Bear Grylls type shit. This is going to connect the team, help us work through challenges as well as be a shit ton of fun. And at the end of the day being a part of your super hero team should be FUN!

–          Every super hero team also has a leader. YOU are the leader at the end of the day and you make the executive decisions and take lead when shit happens. You should also not be afraid to put your foot down and discipline individuals if necessary. This will never be an issue if your team respects you. You get respect by leading from the front, walking the walk, being a man of your word and living by your core values.

 If you’re serious about building a great fitness business for the long run then you have to build a superhero fitness team. Check yourself if you are now implementing some of the above principles and finding ways to continue improving and developing your team.

You are only as good as your weakest link, so make all your links as strong as can be!

 -Luka Hocevar-