Hey Super Trainers,

Yesterday when I touched down at the Austin bergstrom airport I suddenly had to make a quick decision.

Should I take a cab to the hotel or should I be a little more thrifty and take the shuttle?

Decisions, decisions.

Back in the day when I was single and didn’t have a care in the world, It would have been an easy choice. The cab, who has time for a shuttle?

But life has changed.

These days I have a beautiful family and they are the driving force behind every decision that I make.

Let’s look at the facts

Shuttle cost $25 round trip

Cab cost $40 one way

Shoot I rather put the extra $55 towards my little princess’s future.

Shuttle pros: It costs 80% less

Shuttle cons: Have to sit with 6-8 other people

(it’s not like I got here on my private jet ;)

Then I got to thinking

Shuttle = group training in our industry

While the cab is taking a single person to a single destination and making $40 for that trip

The Shuttle is taking 6-8 people to a similar destination and making $150-$200 for the same trip

And check this out, the shuttle runs non stop

The beauty here is that the shuttle’s fixed cost is the same as the cab’s.

More money same overhead = a better business model

Here are some reasons why you must offer group training in your business

Lower “barrier” of entry for the value conscious consumer like myself

It significantly increases the “dollar per hour” earning potential

It helps “control” you overhead

Perfect upsell for “boot camp only” fitness businesses

Perfect downsell for “one on one only” fitness businesses

Your boy Sam,

PS – Austin is now my 3rd favorite city in the US behind LA and Miami

PSS – Seriously you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not doing group training. Watch THIS video to learn more about the proper group training business model.