I have literally read hundreds and hundreds of business development books and been coached by some of the best in the world.

They all have said something like….

“The fortune is in the follow up”
“You have to follow up 5-7 times”
“Nobody ever, EVER buys the first time”

Yada, yada, yada……

I am sorry to say but that’s some serious BS in my opinion.

For years we followed this practice of “follow up til they buy or die”

And what happened was….


Think about it for a second.

Imagine you meet someone that you’re interested in.

You exchange numbers with this person.

The next day when you wake up, you have received 4 text messages from this person.

You don’t have time to return the text messages because you’re too busy at work.

When you get off work, you check your phone and see 3 missed calls from the same person.

All of a sudden, the person you were interested in starting to “creep” you out.

Now you’re seriously having second thought about seeing this person ever again.


It’s the same thing in business.

Nobody these days want to be bothered with “Are you ready to buy my XYZ”

I personally hate getting pitches and sales calls.

I know where you are and if I am interested I will come see you.

Other than that DO NOT CALL ME, I AM TOO BUSY.

If you been making these kind of calls in your business, then you’re probably tired, frustrated and depressed.

But Sam….

“I outsource that to my manager or assistant”


He/She is tired, depressed, frustrated and is about to QUIT.

Remember what worked in the 1950’s doesn’t work today.

You’re marketing in an era where everyone, including (and especially) your prospects are moving at 100 MPH. Life these days is way too fast for follow up. You’re either an immediate priority or invisible.

Leave prospects alone. Continuing to “Check in” gets annoying real fast.

At Fitness Concepts we simply DO NOT FOLLOW UP in conventional ways.

Yes you heard that right.

We don’t call, email, or put prospects on generic auto responders.

We don’t have a “calendar” to follow up on prospects.

We don’t use fancy reminders, CRM’s or anything like that.

They key to following up with prospects is to follow up to their “subconscious mind” and NOT their “conscious mind”

So STOP wasting time behind the phone/computer begging. (That’s what conventional following up is in my opinion)

If you want to turn prospects into clients you must focus on making your business MORE ATTRACTIVE and be less attracted.

Learning how to market to the subconscious mind will literally be the turning point in your business career.

You will NEVER, EVER have to chase after clients again.