Hey Super-Trainer. This is JSE with another video training lesson for you. I hope you are having a spectacular day. Check this out.

This is what this lesson is all about. It’s about personal branding and brand identity and continuity. So is this shameless self-promotion? Yes, of course and they want you to do exactly the same thing and so that’s what this lesson is about.

So if you need to pause the video just for a second or open up another screen or do whatever you’re going to do to take some notes because this is going to be some really cool information for you.

All right. So the reason that I did this and I want you to do similar things for your business is really simple. You need to have brand consistency. Now in my case for example, I have a lot of different interests in the fitness industry. There are a lot of different brands and stuff, categories and stuff like that and even for our people that work with me, it can be confusing.

So obviously it can be confusing for other people as well. So what we had to do was divide things and categorize things and subdivide things further in some cases and even eliminate some things in some cases; but all in all, everything falls under the JSE brand, the umbrella.

So let’s just say your name is Bob Smith. Let’s make it really easy. Bob Smith is the personal trainer or the fitness guy but underneath the Bob Smith brand, he may have a boot camp. He may do kettlebells. He may do lifestyle coaching or whatever it is but Bob Smith is the brand. Bob Smith is the man and Bob Smith always needs to be the one thing that is consistent throughout.

So think about other brands that you know. Tony Robbins, Jennifer Lopez. I went into a discount department store the other day here. I don’t know if it’s a department store. I know that you call it Kohl’s. I don’t know if you have them where you’re at and Daisy Fuentes has a line of clothing. Remember her from MTV in the 80s and the 90s. So each person has a brand. They have an identity.

What are some other brands that you know of? Any of these brands, any of these people. Martha Stewart is another good one Rachael Ray. It doesn’t have to be in the fitness industry. Learn from people in other industries as well. They are the brand but they have different entities, divisions, products and lines under that brand but it is the brand that has to be consistent and that is the umbrella of everything that you do especially as you start growing your empire, right?

It has to be consistent. What is the hub? What is the focal point that everything comes back to? It has to be you. It’s all about you and building your brand and your main recognition because the reason you do that is if people like you as an individual and they can identify with you and your brand, then they are far more likely to like other things that you do that fall underneath that brand but everything needs to stem from that.

So as an example on your main website which should be your name dot com and if it’s not available, do the best you can to get something as close as possible. So your name dot com, BobSmith.com. Under that should have like products or services or divisions or whatever then it branches out into the other things that you do but it all starts with your single identity. This is really, really important. Please take this to heart because there’s so much out there and there’s so many people that want to do cool stuff and a lot of people do really cool stuff. You have to be different. You have to be unique. There has to be something about you that stands out head and shoulders above everyone else specifically within your niche.

So the reason I did this, let me just explain what this is too. This is so easy, you guys, and it didn’t cost that much. So if you’ve ever been to a movie premiere or have seen a movie premiere in the magazine or on TMC, whatever it is, those Access Hollywood shows, that’s called a media wall and generally those are made out of like a high density foam that has a thing that has been peeled and applied to it and just silk-screened and printed on there in a different printing process.

This is a vinyl banner and I’m going to turn my computer. Check this out. You can see. So that’s one side of my office and that’s my wife Kelly’s desk.

Yes, we actually work well together. Amazing, huh? Sometimes couples can do that. OK. But she’s not in here when I’m doing this obviously but what this does though is it creates illusion of like a studio or whatever but it unifies the brand. I’m going to share this with you and how I did this, what I did, but I want you to think about how can you unify your brand in every way possible.

I’m going to give you an example of what to do if you have a studio too to make this really, really work for you on a social scale but all this is, this is like a tradeshow banner and this particular one is called the banner stand, I believe, a pop-up banner stand and the name of the company eludes me but you can go online and just look for tradeshow pop-up banner stands. Some are only like this wide, two, three, four feet. This one is six feet wide because as the camera comes out, I want to make sure that it encompassed both sides there.

It’s seven feet tall. I think it was 600 bucks, something like that, but it’s going to last forever and so I just gave it a high resolution logo and I said I want it in a repeating yet alternating pattern so you can kind of see how they did that. So it’s really simple. Use your regular webcam. Boom, now you have consistency with everything that you do here.

Now if you take something like this – or another way of doing it, we did this at a live event that actually Sam was at last year and we do this as a 10 by 10 and you get to install the grommets on it and you can put it up on the wall and you have everyone take their photo in front of the media wall and at your event or whatever you’re doing.

As an example, at our event that we did, we had everyone do that and they put it up on Facebook and whoever got the most likes and comments I think we did as well for their photo that they took in front of the media wall, we gave them – I forget what it was. It was like a $1000 gift certificate to NESTA or something. I don’t know. It was definitely worthwhile.

So obviously we got a lot of promotion out of it. It added value to what they did and so that was good. So, people do crazy stuff. They’re doing like one-arm hand stands and crazy stuff and just being goofy in front of the media wall but here’s how this applies to you.

Let’s just say you have a CrossFit box or you have a small studio or a martial arts school or whatever. You have a place in your facility that’s like a media wall and you encourage people to do photos in front of your media wall and so it’s really, really simple and that’s the place. You can even make a thing out of it. Take your picture here and put like Xs on the ground and you can have an area where the camera person is supposed to stand.

I mean make it kind of a thing and then you can have contests and competitions and whoever gets the most likes, whoever gets the most comments, whoever gets the most shares and then you can do certain things where people put this up on your fan page and you have a different type of a contest and you run it for a specific amount of time.

So there’s a bunch of different ways of doing this. So think about how you can do something like this at your facility or your event or your special promotion or your outdoor – if you’re doing something like at a health fair or sometimes you get a booth, like at a 5K, 10K marathon and stuff like that or like a mud run or Spartan Race or something like that. There’s a lot of different ways you can use it and benefit from it.

But just on a general note aside from this being a banner. Think about how you would use something like this or other things like this to unify your brand, to bring it together so everything comes back to you, you as an individual. You are the brand and then everything you do stems out from that brand.

Even if you have other licensed or franchise systems or you’re doing different types of workouts or offering different types of nutritional products or whatever it is, ultimately – and there’s exceptions to what I’m saying but ultimately, generally, you are at the top, right? It’s you and then the other things come under your umbrella.

So you can think of it in a hierarchical structure as far as how you’re going to do it from your website, how you do it from perhaps even a linking structure to get more links in your website, how you’re doing it from a press and media standpoint and how you’re doing it from a brand continuity perspective and also on social media and so on.

So that’s it. I hope that was really, really helpful for you. Make sure you leave some comments below and thanks for the opportunity, Sam. Hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thanks.