What’s up fitness family,

I can’t BELIEVE how many of you replied back last week to my

“exercises for your butt email”

I guess, I struck a nerve. (I’m good at that)

One thing is for sure….

We pretty much all can agree

That a round, plump, healthy butts are in. (Like the boss lady’s on the left picture)

Big wide receiver butts are out. (bottom right picture)

“Skinny fat” butts are out. (I call that the “crack head butt” top right)

A nice butt, as defined by my dictionary is….. (Yes I have my own dictionary)

“The kind that you can set your drink on”

Butt Pix




I like to make things happen.


I am soon coming out of “retirement” to teach “Booty Boot Camp” with the Alejandra “boss lady” Font for 4 weeks.

Disclaimer: I am doing this as a public service. We need nicer butts in Chino Valley.

And since, I am coming out of retirement for this.

I make my own rules. That simple.

Dedicated in getting your “butt” in shape.


PS – Again, I am not taking anyone who throws me $67. I would have to interview you and make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.