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Hi, guys. First of all, I was absolutely honored to be part of the lineup of the guys here this weekend. These guys are just absolutely killing it. These guys, I have been following for years and years and years and now, I got the opportunity to talk to them. Now, I got the opportunity to speak alongside with them.

But these guys, man, they’re unlike anything in the industry as far as events are concerned. They don’t hold anything back. And it’s not the same old repetitive stuff that you hear all the time and you’re like, you came away like, “Yeah, I know all that stuff. I know all that stuff.”

They share things that were just outside of the box, outside of the zone. And they really help me personally and I know they help everybody here this weekend take their business to the next level. So I really appreciated that and I was honored to be one of the speakers that had been lineup with those guys. And I hope to be where they are one day.