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This event was so amazing. I was here at the Weekend With Sam last year. And the reason that this year specifically stood up to me is because there was so much authenticity this time around. Everyone that was up there wasn’t afraid to not only talk about their successes but also admit their flaws and imperfections which I know we all struggle with. And it was really nice.

It was a breath of fresh air to not – if you hear people on stage just talking about how much money they are making and the cars that they are able to buy and the freedom and the lifestyle that they created but also, what went wrong and where it went wrong and being able to own up to that.

And I think this is the first that I’ve ever been to an event where that’s actually been presented as well with the information and that’s why this event stuck out to me. And so, I definitely recommend anybody who’s looking to just get real information and real advices to how it actually goes down in the industry and how they can implement those techniques and lessons in their life, I definitely recommend it to anyone.