Getting into the business side of fitness definitely takes some hustle

And when it comes to hustle, the guy I have on the blog today has plenty to spare – it’s BJ GADDOUR, famous for the BOOTCAMP BLUEPRINT program and getting to the top of the fitness business in just  few short years.

I recently contacted BJ for a new product I’m working on that’s going to cover all of the world’s major bootcamp programs and the people behind them.  It was my first chance to really talk to BJ, and to say I was impressed is an understatement.

In this clip from the interview we recorded for my new product, you’ll hear about how BJ got himself and his wife out of his father-in-law’s basement by launching successful bootcamps, and how he parlayed his success with bootcamps into a major business venture with Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry, and Jim Labadie.

And as an added plus, you get to watch me interviewing him – ha!  If you have bootcamps, don’t miss how BJ explains how to grow one very rapidly in the middle of the interview.  And if you got anything out of this interview or have anything to add to the discussion, don’t forget to leave your comments below: