Be Like a Super Model with a Bikini Body Bootcamp

There are many ladies who feel that it should be simple to lose ten to twenty pounds over a month to get ready for summer. But in reality, this task will take a great deal of time and effort. If you are serious about having the perfect shape for summer, then what you need is an intense body boot camp. This activity will surely help you achieve your goals. But you have to remember that this is not going to be that easy.

If you’re still with me, then you probably are ready to put in the work for a body boot camp. What we are considering exactly in a body boot camp is this: Lowering our intake of calorie while training for five to six days a week that includes both muscle building and aerobics. We will analyze it with more details below.


Diet Plan


Here is your diet plan for the body boot camp. Each day, we’re reducing almost 1200 calories. Though this may look extreme, it is nevertheless the cold fact if you are really interested in getting quicker results. There are many ladies out there who are making the big mistake of slipping up with just quick nibbles and small snacks. Each of these small snacks can pack away 400 to 500 calories. That is actually considered a lot considering the number of calorie intake you should be eating regularly in this program. Instead, you can just enjoy low-calorie foods like apple or other fruits when you feel the urge of eating snack. This could not be realistic to be able to keep with this kind of routine for the whole month. You still have to give yourself one day each week for you to eat whatever you want to eat. But don’t go insane. Consume foods with reasonable amount and quantity. Take these things to consideration if you want successful results for your body boot camp.


Work Out Strategy


Here is your workout strategy for your body boot camp. Your body boot camp work out strategy will as well be rigid as the diet plan. You will need to do aerobic workout routine for about 6 times per week. You also need to do body building for about 4 times per week. This really seems like a great deal of effort. However, if you will cut time, you need to prepare yourself in making up for it by plenty of additional work. Don’t forget to ease into it if you haven’t been doing exercises regularly or else you will just harm yourself by pulling some of your muscles. You’ll straightforward things for your aerobic training. These things include stepping machine, fitness treadmill machine or bike. It can vary every once in a while so you will not get bored. As much as possible, try to complete half an hour of doing an aerobic exercise each day. Just make sure that you will switch your muscle groups while you are doing weight training. If in one day you are focusing on your arms, try to do some leg-ups on the next day. This will allow more time for your muscle tissues to heal. It will also help strengthen up your muscle tissues while you are doing exercises for another muscle group.

To get the maximum result on your body boot camp, make sure that the weights that you are lifting are challenging. The more wear out you do on your muscle groups, the more excess fats are burnt while they are repairing themselves. This is what they call High Intensity Interval Training or the HIIT. This is definitely effective to help you reach your goal fast.