Basterdizing of Our Industry

Basterdizing of Our Industry

Posted on 17. Apr, 2012 by in Marketing Fitness

Don’t tell me that you didn’t see this coming ;)

5 month’s of unlimited boot camp for $139?

Are you kidding me???


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17. Apr, 2012

What percentage of people that buy this will ever attend more than 10 classes?

Probably less than 10%

So if they sell 1000 of these deals that’s $139,000 in sales (which needs to split with groupon).

I am guessing that is the strategy behind this.

What do you think?

Chris A.

17. Apr, 2012

yeah, i saw this one a while back. With the Groupon traditional 50/50 split… they’re getting about $69 per person…

Or, since they chose to go for 5 months…

$14 a MONTH for 5 months. All of that sweat, energy, and time…for $14 bucks…not per session…per month.

to put it differently, and worse, they go 12 times in a month…you technically made $1.17 each time they went.

plus your boot camp rate for 2x/month is $75 monthly?

hmm, riiiiiight. You’d need 111 ppl on eft just on that alone to gross 6figs.

good job on screwing yourself and the public’s perception of our worth is what came to mind when i saw that


17. Apr, 2012

Unbelievable! This takes business stupidity to a whole other level as you know Sam. We have enough problems trying to legitimize what we do for a living to the general public without boneheads like this driving all of our salaries down and cheapening how we can truly benefit others. From what I have seen any business that gives too much away looses in the end in a big way whether it is a bagel shop or a fitness trainer.


17. Apr, 2012

Joke right? No seriously a joke… right?

Talk about devaluing yourself

7Figure Sam

17. Apr, 2012

I couldn’t believe this myself. That’s why I just had to share it. We all knew this was coming. It’s called “The Race To The Bottom”.


17. Apr, 2012

That’s just pathetic.


17. Apr, 2012

Hey Sam it’s the same here in Australia. Some jokers in fact is the same joker did something like $29 for unlimited 2 months boot camp.

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