brokeHey Super Trainers…

Are you ready for 2014 new year resolution rush?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…

But you’re most likely too late.

“But what do you mean Sam, isn’t January the best month for personal trainers?”

Yes and NOPE.

Yes if you market to them WAY BEFORE Christmas (actually before even Thanksgiving) to get their commitment and money before they go out there and spend it all.

NOPE if you didn’t.

You see MOST people are flat out broke for a few months after the Holidays.

How many times have you heard this before…

“I overspend on Christmas, so I have to take a couple of months off from training to pay off these cards”

Sure the sales are up at the local big box gyms…

But remember they are selling a $13-$29 per month membership.

MOST people cannot afford to hire a $200-$600 a month personal trainer/boot camp right after the Holidays. (They have already spend their money on gifts, Christmas, etc…)

In our businesses (and my coaching client’s) we market to the new year resolution “population” in November so that we get to their “money” BEFORE Nordstrom, JC Penney, Toys-R-US, etc….

In each of my 7 locations, we have anywhere between 30-50 NEW people signed up and PAID. These new sign ups all start their program on January 6th.

Always remember that a consumer only has so much “disposable” income.

And it’s best that you get to that “disposable” income before anyone else gets their hands on it. (especially during the Holidays)

Here is what my coaching client Charlotte said…

Holy #### We just had our orientation. Almost 200 people showed up. When I asked who wanted to join in on our program, EVERYONE raised their hands. We got 140 people signed up for the challenge, and the rest are coming in for a free week of training because they’re too “small/skinny”!!!!!!

That’s what we do all day. You can do the same…

Let’s Crush 2014


PS – On Thursday March 6th, I am having a one day mastermind at my showcase facility in Chino, Ca. My office holds 7 people excluding me. I currently have 5 spots available. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.