According to retail expert Howard Davidowitz, “The biggest mistake Borders made was turn over their online business to Amazon… they essentially gave away the future.


Are you giving away your future?


What is the future of personal training and the fitness industry?

Do you have a mentor that knows success that will help you through this?

If you don’t then I recommend you get someone who is successful, wants to see you succeed, and knows the industry. If you don’t invest in yourself and evolve your business you will surely die. I know harsh words but they are the truth.


I want to give you 7 questions to answer and apply to make sure that you are not going to share the same fate as Borders.




1. Do I know my market? Who exactly is my client? (Be specific: age, kids, occupation, gender, daily rituals, what they are looking for…)


>>> If you don’t know the specifics you are just gambling and essentially throwing away money and time. The more specific you are the easier to craft a message and experiences that appeal to your target niche.


2. Why would someone choose to do business with me instead of my competitors or choose to do nothing at all?


>>> What makes you so special that I am going to take out my wallet and give you money? What value are you providing for your clients? What relationship have you established with them and how do they perceive you and your business?


3. Do I educate myself daily about what my target niche reads, like, and does?


>>> If you don’t, don’t be surprised if your clients disappear to someone that is giving them what they want. The more educated you are about their likes and dislikes the more you understand your clients and the more they feel connected to you. If they are connected to you then they will stay with you.



4. Am I unique or am I just one of the crowd?


>>> Create apples to oranges comparison allows you to be in control of your future. Set your own standards don’t follow what everyone else is doing. I did this a 2 years back when I was training private clients at a community center gym. Trainers were charging $30-$80 an hour. I came in established myself as an expert and was charging $150-$265 for a ½ hour. I completely blew my competition out of the water. Be different and monetize it.


5. Do I have a system in place that will help my business grow?


>>> Probably one of the biggest mistakes I have seen trainers do. They get stuck trading hours for dollars. If you want to grow your business and want to have time then you must to leverage your time. The best way to do this are through systems (marketing systems, growth systems, retention systems, training systems…). Systems are predictable and duplicatable. Do you have yours?


6. What am I doing on a consistent basis that is helping me to create raving fans that love me and want to give me money?


>>> Raving fans don’t want another option just you. Look at Apple or a great band like the Beetles who built a cult like following. Their fans will pay anything to have or be associated with them. It is not rocket science, people want to know you care for them, you look forward to seeing them, you want them to succeed, and finally people want to be entertained. Do these things and create your following. (*Helpful hint: People hang around people like themselves so find people that have that affinity towards you and get to know their inner circle of friends. Those will be great clients.)


7. What future trends do I foresee that can impact my business and the way I do business and what action should I take today regarding that?


>>> This is something where some trainers will get it and some wont. The ones that don’t I am sorry to say will be left behind. That being said partnering with people who are successful or finding a coach or mentor that is successful will quicken your path to success. Remember you don’t have to know everything but know where to find the answers. (*That being said if you are looking for a mentor and coach I highly recommend Sam. He has helped me out tremendously.)



Lets get down to work. Yes work. [O.P.P]

You down with OPP, yeah you know me…” Sorry got a quick flash back, but seriously get to work because “Everyday I’m hustling” to “Just, just SLAM” your competition. Hope you liked my old school mix. Special thanks to Naughty by Nature, Rick Ross, and Onyx.


Share your thoughts and comments below or else “I’ll break your neck.” – Busta Rhymes.



Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC/L