The Encyclopedia Britannica announced recently that it would no longer be offering it’s printed encyclopedia. Now you may be too young to remember pre-Google, pre-Wikipedia days but when you were in school and you had a report or project due if you had the Encyclopedia Britannica you had a cornucopia of options.

Now a days they just take up space and much of that information has evolved and is out dated. Is that your business?

So my question to you is what are you doing that has evolved or is out dated in your training?

Innovate or Die…

This recent move by the EB you may feel was warranted a long time ago. With information at your fingertips at a split second, who’s going to purchase $1200+ of books that are static and non-evolving? Why would they have stayed in business so long?

1st– They were pioneers at consolidating and packaging amazing content never before seen in one place. This was cutting edge back in the day. (Being first has its’ advantages)

2nd– They had some of the worlds most prestigious scholars, inventors and thinkers contribute to it. (Social proof and validity)

3rd– They knew their market. I am sure if they lasted this long doing the print version it is because the numbers made sense. They are a very sophisticated direct response marketing company. (It doesn’t matter what others say if you know your numbers.)

Now it’s your turn.

  • Are you innovating your clients experience, their training, your brand?
  • Were you first to market with your training approach or experience?
  • Who is backing you, what kind of social proof exists that gives what you do validity?
  • Do you know your precise market and can describe them clearly?
  • Do you know your numbers meaning break even points, conversions, weekly and monthly revenue, weekly and monthly leads…etc?

If YES, you are on the right track but that doesn’t guarantee you anything. You must stay hungry and hustle daily to continue to provide exceptional value and an experience worth talking about.

If NO, then now you know what you need to start working on.

Reading and researching will give you the foundational knowledge but I can’t tell what to do in your business. Taking action and measuring the results is what should give you the final answer as to what works in your business for your market.

That being said the fundamentals apply across the board. Take the above questions and apply them. After that test and tweak to what your market responds to and is looking for. Remember apply the fundamentals first then tweak from there. If you skip steps, you may be missing big chunks of revenue.


Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC