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Hey, guys. This is my quick video for – during my presentation on the Weekend With Sam. What I want to do in this video is show you how in my facility, I generate referrals from the inside out. The thing is, like I just told you, we generate a lot of referrals in our business without ever really asking for them in person. We just have little subtle reminders of how referrals can benefit you as a client because what we do is for every referral that you bring in as a client, you get half off your next month. So referrals are good. More importantly, if your product is good, referrals will come by itself.

Now first, I want to take a bunch of pictures and put them in the presentation but what better way to do it than to just make a video. So let’s hit inside real quick. Let me show you. First off actually, my facility is set up that outside we have this big, yellow banner. It says, “Grab one of our flyers with all of our info,” with a big red arrow pointing down. And then I have one of these realtor boxes with the post cards in it. It’s very – I’m a giver-ish because I had to use double-sided Velcro to tape this to the window. And anybody can just rip it off. But I figured, if anybody ever steals it, I’ll just get a new one.

So this has all the information on here because obviously, we are not here all the time. But we do get a lot of traffic because there’s a Starbucks right behind us and there’s a big major street a little bit farther. So, this really works. And the reason why I use these words, “Grab one of our flyers with all our info,” is because ever single walk-in that we ever get always asks, “Do you have any flyers?” or, “I want to get more info.” So bam! These answer that question.

So let’s head inside. Inside, the front office, what we have here, we’re closed right now. This is our front desk. And at night, we have a front desk girl. But I want to get to the front office later because this is really where all the referral generation happens. Let’s skip this for now. Let’s head over here.

We’re going to go to the workout area. Workout area is very simple and there’s not much here that we do to generate referrals in the workout area. But over here, we have deposits where the clients put their drinks away or whatever and this either during the semi-private sessions or the bootcamp sessions.

First off, over here, we always hang up stuff, little graphic of stuff that’s going on at the moment. So right now, we just started the semi-private training program that’s why I made this flyer. We also offer personal training. So that’s kind of a way of me – I never really promote my stuff in person because there’s no way of me seeing all my clients at once. So I want to hang little reminders on my facility of what’s going on and how to generate referrals.

Secondly, we have this banner right here. I had – I made this a year ago, two years ago and it was all about Facebook checking in. I want every – all my clients to start checking in obviously because it helps for clients to check-in, all the friends see it. So, this one is, “Stop. Did you check-in yet? Here’s what happens when you check-in at Straight-Up Fitness on Facebook. You can win cool prices. You could earn free bootcamp when your friends come in.” And by the way, I’m trying to omit the word bootcamp but this is an old banner. “And you’re showing your friends you’re a rock star.”

So that’s banner number one. Banner number two is on top right here. Every single new person that comes in, they see this. This is so huge. And it just says, real simple, “Did you know for every referral you bring in, you get free bootcamp.” And of course, skip the word bootcamp. But you get the picture. So, “And it’s easy. Here’s what you do: Check-in on Facebook when you’re here. Number two, take our plastic gift cards and hand them out to as many people as you like. Number three, donate our plastic gift cards to your local charity so they can sell them to raise money.”

Now, I made this banner in 2001. It’s 2013 that I’m filming this. If I were to do this again, which I will, I will delete steps number two and steps number three because what I did, I’m going to head over here, I actually – I went big on these plastic gift cards and I kid you not, I kid you not, we’ve been having these ever since we opened. We’ve been in business – we’ve been here for almost two and a half years. Not once has anybody ever brought this in. So I don’t know if this was a like a dream castle idea or something. It just does not work at all.

So I don’t recommend you do them. I don’t know if anybody did have – ever have really good success. I just started doing them when somebody told me that they really worked for them. But definitely, throw these away. In fact, I’m going to throw this one in the trash can now. So I’m going to admit this, just keep it really simple when you want to generate referrals from the inside. Have them check-in on Facebook. And just remind them which is what we’re going to do in the front office right now.

Now, real quick, just a glance from my workout area, one thing that has nothing to do with generating referrals but maybe it does, is you want to be different. Now, as of right now, CrossFit is very popular. And I think bootcamps, what is a bootcamp? A bootcamp is barbells and sliders and some body-weight exercises. You’ve got to be better than that. I hate to say this, but you’ve got to be better than that.

So what I’d like to do, what I did last year, I invested a lot into equipment. I want my clients to lift heavier weight even during cardio workouts so kind of like cardio strength training. But I don’t want it to be all crazy that I don’t get all over YouTube like CrossFit with people doing snatches and falling backwards because let’s face it, most of your clients are not going to be able to do most Olympic lifts especially in a boot training environment.

So the way I set it up is with the barbells in a group training sessions, we have the barbells set up with landmines. So this is actually real simple. You just raise it up and it rotates around. So this is really safe. You can do shoulder presses. You can do corner raises and everything. And these are all barbell plates so you can drop them.

Over here, we have the hex bars. We all know that squats are really important for your clients and everybody wants thick legs. In fact, I want more girls to have thick legs in this world. So what’s the safest way for them to perform heavy squats? It’s not with a bar in front, it’s not with a bar in the neck. We’ll save that for the semi-private training sessions before the bootcamp sessions for the big group sessions. We’ve got five hex bars. These are actually really cheap. Believe it or not, I ordered these online at You’re not going to believe that. And they’re the same brand as anything else.

So we have five of these. It’s a safe way of doing heavy squats. Of course, we have Olympic rings. We have Olympic rings, Olympics rings or gymnastics rings, you want to be very careful with those. Your clients are not going to be able to do much with our group sessions, big group sessions. We do pull-ups, push-ups, planks on them and assisted pull-ups and inverted rows. And that’s really it. There’s not much more we can do. We’re not going to skin the cat with group sessions.

Over here, we have the parallettes, one of the best core equipment. Parallettes are right here. And then by far, the number one piece of equipment that made the biggest bang for my buck, the biggest impression amongst my clients is the slides right there. When I got those slides, all my clients went crazy. And I didn’t know it. At first I thought, “Well, there’s not much stuff you can with it. Should I even get it?’ But damn. My clients love the slides.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to have a parking lot where I can do them back and forth. If not, you’re going to have to get some AstroTurf that fake grass but definitely, invest in some slides. Your clients are going to love you for it.

So, this is kind of a way – well, the equipment is going to generate referrals for you too. You’ve got to be different, right? Don’t be one of those bootcamps. Oh my God! Those are things that are dying down.

So let’s go back to the front office. Over here on the side wall, we have all the before and afters. Slowly but surely, we’re getting more and more and more. What I do is every three months or every four months, I just do another round. I’ll collect a whole bunch of pictures. I’ll write the stories. I’ll let them sign off on it because you know how it is with clients. There are so many clients. I just want to make it look nice. So, these are all before and afters.

One more thing real quick, this is really cool touch. Have a hand sanitizer in your facility because if you want to get those people that make a lot of money, you’ve got to have hand sanitizers. It’s one of those small little things.

Back over here, this is our front office. Now, first off when they come in, there is that big, yellow banner for in case my front desk girl is not here. It says, “If this is your first time here, then please follow these instructions. First, grab a liability form. After signing your form, go inside, give it to the trainer, blah, blah, blah, blah.” It just kind of makes it a little more organized for when I’m not here or my front desk girl is not here. That’s one.

Two is when you’re leaving, start right here, if you can go over here again. When you’re leaving, the first thing they see is this big, yellow banner right here. “When you want to bring someone in, then have them register on It’s easy-peasy. Remember, for every referral gives you a half month free SUF.” At first, when I made this banner and I almost had it printed, and it said, “If you want to bring someone in.” But then I changed the word to when because “if” is like that but “when” is like yeah, it’s going to happen.

The way I set my business up is that everything goes to my website. I hate it when somebody comes in here and did not register online yet. It just sucks me up but if they register online, everything is streamlined. So that’s why I want everybody to go online.

Other than that, we have the party pics right here. This is really important too. Every single new person that comes in and signs up, they always, they sign up and then they start looking around. They see the before and after pictures and then they see this. And this is pretty much just all pictures of us, all the clients dressed up at a night club. Sometimes we do barbeques. Yes, it makes it show that you’re legit so that.

Last thing on how we generate referrals. Oh no wait, one more thing. We got this right here too. When they leave, we have the SUF recipe of the week. And what I did right here is I got one of these stands at a – I’ll show you what website it is. This stands are like $80. Get one of these, make a little graphic, SUF Recipe of the Week. Grab one. And the way this works is that on one side is the recipe of the week and this is actually a healthy recipe. We just get a bunch of healthy recipes and put them on there. And then on the other side, get your next month of SUF for free. If you refer someone in, if you refer someone in, you get next month or two people in, you get next for free.

So, while they’re grabbing the recipe, they’re going to have this laying around the kitchen. It’s just another reminder of referrals because I never ever, ever tell my clients to bring people in. I just do it through banners and all that stuff.

All right, last thing which is really powerful because I tracked this, is when we sign somebody up, our intro offer is three weeks for $47. Now, during those three weeks, they get one of these success journals. Now, the success journal costs me $6.50 each, all right? So, it is kind of an investment. If you run out, I always order a hundred at a time.

But these three weeks of $47 minus $6.50 so you make $40.50 profit but it definitely pays off because what I did right here is if you can see, a success journal, first off, it has a bunch – it’s really good. It has a food journal in there, a bunch of food list, everything we believe in, before and afters, but most importantly, it has this little yellow sticker and I actually got this from Joe Polish.

At first, I was going to have real stickers on there but then I just printed it on the cover. It says, “Warning: Do not open this journal before listening to this 24-hour free recorded message on how you can get free group training.” And this is a free recorded message. They call it. They’ll listen to it. And they hang up. And I can always track it and pretty much every single person calls this because everybody has a cell phone. They always call it.

And what it is, is if you call that number, it only talks about how to bring people in. First off, I congratulate them on signing up and then it’s about how to get free training. So that was huge. And I think – I mean I wish there was some sort of magic thing that I could show you right now of other things that we do but that’s really it.

Other than that, we do a lot of stuff like parties and I write – I send them a bunch of content out. And that’s the stuff I’m about to cover right now on my presentation. So hope you liked it. That’s my facility. That’s how we do things over here. Let’s go back to the presentation.