Nothing in Life is Free…… even love. sometimes you have to pay the price….so that you can understand the true value.

Hey it’s your boy Sam here,
The other day I got a Facebook message that I wanted to share with you. I think there is a huge lesson in there for you.
For the privacy of this person I didn’t include his/her name.

One thing that I see a lot of people do wrong is to ask for free advice. Part of being successful is to do whatever it takes to improve. If that means you have to come out of pocket then that’s what you have to do. If it means that you have to sell that car then that’s what you have to do. FREE advice is NEVER taken seriously. Imagine if you gave free training and nutrition advice to everyone. Would they take it seriously? Hell do the no.

Believe me when I tell you that I spend about 40-50K on my education and improving myself. In life you want to wake up every morning knowing that you improved as a human being from the previous day. Do you think I necessarily want to write a 15K yearly check for a mastermind? Absolutely I do, because I know that I will at least double my investment.

Here is another example: I have a 16 year old cousin that I absolutely love like my own child. I have been flying him to California for the past few years. Last year when he was here I told him that this was the last year I am going to fly him out and if he wants to come next summer he has to work and earn his way.
Long story short he called me before the summer and expressed that he wants to visit. I asked him did you work and save money to fly yourself out here. He replied no, there are no jobs here. Really??????

Here is what I used to do. I would go to all my neighbors and ask them if they had anything for me to do. Wash cars, clean garages, mow lawns, and anything else anyone needed. People respect someone who is out there hustling and doing whatever they need to reach their goals. However, people DO NOT respect people who always think that they are entitled.

If someone wants something bad enough they will do whatever necessary to get it. If it means living on the streets for a while then that’s what they will do.

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