sam and johnetteMy wife and I couldn’t be more opposite.

They say opposite attracts.

Here are just some of the ways we’re different.

She is tall and thin. (comes in handy for making normal size babies and reaching the higher cabinets to get my whey protein ;)

I am short and stocky.

She is beautiful.

And let’s just say that my daughter and wife think that I’m handsome.

She is conservative.

And I am flamboyant.

She is Black and French

I’m Persian.

She is religious and loves going to church.

And for years church bored me to death.

She had and has The Bible on her nightstand.

And I used to have the “Anabolic Reference Guide” on my nightstand.

(now days that night stand occupies either a personal development or business book)

After years of nagging me about Church…..

south hill churchOne day she finally came home and said “I found the perfect church for you”

I was like “yeah right.”

And that she did…

Finally a church that I look forward to going.

The pastor makes me laugh and at the same time delivers a powerful message that I can relate to.

Last Sunday pastor Chris said something that I had to jot down on my iPhone to share with you.

This applies in everything in life. Weight loss, business, career, etc….

He said…

old mindset


He also said

Think about it this year when you’re setting your “resolutions” and “goals”

Before we set resolutions and goals it’s essential for us to change our “mindset” and be willing to learn.

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