Don’t just say you are different, do it differently. Go Against the Grain to truly stand out. -Zach Marcy

Hey guys, i’m tired of our industry being so cookie cutter. In recent days all of the fitness industry has started looking the same. Everyone has a money back guarantee, everyone guarantees results, everyone is their city’s number 1 trainer, everyone is using social proof (this really works) and the list goes on. The other day I caught a local business (who is now out of business) that had used the same product I originally used to create my websites ad copy. In fact, after a conversation with Sam and his SEO guy Neil we used the same designer to redesign our website so the entire design of our site looks similar to a lot of the other guys that have used the same company we have. In my mind this is becoming a problem because the potential client gets confused as to who to go to.

All of our businesses have started to look the same because the formulas we follow all work. The problem is are we staying true to what really sets us apart? With any problem also comes innovation in the solution. Since our company is making a major makeover in our business I would like to share the strategy we are using to open our Synergize Transformation Studio and how you guys can take this strategy and set yourself apart from EVERYONE else in your surrounding area.

In Gary Vaynerchuks book Thank You Economy he talks about how he believes the removal of the humanity from business is an issue and people are going to start valuing their dollar even more. With this comes greater expectation of service with a personalized touch. Most of the small business guru’s are teaching us to automate, delegate and protect our time like it’s gold. I’m here to say systems are great, but if you want to stand out put as much of the human element back into your business. My trainers and I sat down and really brainstormed how to turn the Miami personal training and bootcamp industry on it’s head. What we came up with was staggering, but it has 1 resounding theme that is completely against the grain of the systematic fast food fitness that bootcamps, Crossfit and semi-private group classes have become. Synergize Fitness will now give the client an experience based around them as an individual that they can’t get anywhere else.

Our niche is taking a unique life coaching approach to life transformation. People don’t come into our facility just to lose weight. They come in to make a significant impact in their life and get a life changing experience. With that we are setting the expectations early and allowing our 30 day trial period to be one where we interview the client just as much as they interview us. We foster a tribe/family based environment and don’t just take anyone in. The balance and flow of the energy in our programs is just as important as the results the clients get. Instead of acting out of desperation for clients we flip the script and have an exclusive club where you have to show how you will put forth the effort to get such an amazing service that we offer.

My company Synergize Fitness is now making sure every client that walks through the door gets the following (even our boot camp members):
1. An opportunity to put a motivational quote on the wall
2. A corrective exercise and stretch assessment with instruction on what to do
3. A metabolic typing test to figure out their best nutrition plan
4. A personalized nutrition plan around their test
5. A life coaching session with their trained trainer of choice on how to reach their personal, professional and physical goals.
6. Access to our seminar of the month for free (plus 1 free ticket to bring a friend)
7. Follow up measurement assessments every month.
8. Open access to myself, my business partner or our manager for up to 30 minutes before or after our scheduled classes or sessions for ANY personalization they may need in their program.
9. A kick ass, high energy, motivational workout where names are used and people are motivated by the instructors using the clients underlying motivation.
10. According to the assessments progressions and regressions are designed into our programming for each scheduled person (even in bootcamps).
11. Our success journal that houses everything in our program including the coveted and powerful Synergize Seven Formula for Life Transformation.
12. An opportunity every 12 months to be a part of our “Pet Project” program. Details for this are kept private, but it’s been the greatest force multiplier in our program to date for retention and results from our clients.
13. The telephone numbers of all our trainers and the business owners so they have 24-7 access to getting their questions answered.

This is us in a nutshell, but hardly scratches the surface in what we offer. Please feel free to use our blueprint for yourself, but don’t just copy what I have written down. Dig deep into your soul and your experience for what makes you amazing as a trainer of a company, what is your passion and purpose with your niche market and how can you put that human touch back into that niche? If not, get washed away like my previous competitor that went out of business.

Zach Marcy is the owner of Synergize Fitness in Miami which is a multi location Personal Training and Boot Camp life transformation program. Known as The Rebel Strength Coach this native Texan takes a hardcore and no bs approach to training and training trainers.