We all have raving clients. But sometimes it’s hard to get them to take the time to sit down and write us a testimonial. We’ve come up with a GREAT SOLUTION to end your frustration and INCREASE your social proof starting today!



Every week we choose a client to be spotlighted. We approach them by asking them if they would like to

be the spotlight for this coming week. We ask them on Mondays to be sure we are covered by Sunday.


1. “You’ve had huge success and we’d love to share your story with others! It’s YOUR story; you can

include whatever you want. You can choose a before and after photo, a photo from an event you

participated in, or just a photo that you love of yourself.


2. Most people have experienced a time in their lives where 12 months go by and they’ve gained 10 lbs

and they wake up one morning wondering where it came from.


The same is true with our accomplishments; we’re so busy we forget everything we have worked

so hard to accomplish! This is a perfect opportunity to write your story and look back on ALL you

have achieved! It will totally re-energize you and makes you feel really good about yourself. It’s very

important to do this regularly.


3. YOUR Story might get someone off the couch and start doing something about their health and

fitness, and it could completely change their lives. You may not see first hand the impact your story will

have on others, but every week our Spotlights inspire people! Your story could change someone else’s



4. We tell them to check out the other people’s stories already on the website to get ideas!


They LOVE this! No one has ever said NO and they actually thank us for asking them and how honored

they are to be picked.


(Visit: http://GetAGripTotalFitness.com for some examples)


We even had someone come out and say… “One of my goals is to be picked as the Spotlight Sunday!”

(Of course we will)


Don’t forget to post it on your blog AND post a link to it EVERYWHERE (Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin)!

Try this in your boot camps and let us know how it works!


Thanks the Boot Camp Girls!