Hey there hope you’re doing awesome.  I’m writing this while I’m 30,000 feet in the air.  I’m going to a unknown US destination for a couple days to work on a top secret project and then I head to San Diego for my info mastermind.


Today I wanted to drop you a very FREE and overlooked strategy to increase client retention and build a cult-like following with your boot camps and training clients.


I’ll be honest and say that…I stole this off of my friend Rob King so the concept is not totally new.



  1. A business with clients <– if you’ve been reading this blog then you have this already
  2. A Facebook account <– if you are a human being you should have this and if you don’t get on it already. 
  3. Become friends with your clients on Facebook.



  1. Start a Facebook group that is private.
  2. Add your clients to this group (no asking…just do it)
  3. Send an email to the clients that are not part of the group to add you as a friends on Facebook.
  4. Start posting motivational messages and create conversation.



Look 99% of peoples is on Facebook.  This is where they go to hang out with friends, stalk people, and get news that they wouldn’t get anywhere.


That is why it is a perfect opportunity to do the exact same thing with your training group.  Sure it’s cool to interact with people in your boot camp classes but it’s on a totally different level when you put them in a Facebook group.


You’ll have girls who normally don’t talk to each other in class having conversations on the groups status messages.  You’ll have the girls who are already friends with each other in class strengthen the bond with each other outside of class.


The best part about it is the interaction with you…the business owner.


The clients get to interact with you on a deeper level and it won’t just be about them paying you a fee for your services.  You guys will be friends now and this means deeper relationships with your clients.

This strategy goes along with my values of cheap (it’s free for gods sake), easy and it would be boneheaded on my part not to implement this in my business.


I implore you to give this a shot for at least a month.  Things will be slow at first but once your members start getting used to interacting on Facebook…magical things start happening.


Keep moving forward,


Dan Go aka. ninjaman