Sometimes I write in verse.

But it’s not because I’m one of those hazy, enigmatic artists who can’t seem to ever author anything other than inspirational pieces laced with big words, but no substance…

It’s because during my 17 years in the Fitness and Sport Training industry, I learned some incredibly valuable lessons about the human brain and how it works.

While our left brain functions entirely on lists, logistics and common sense, our right brain thrives on creativity, intrigue and imagination.

Simply put; we sometimes remember the facts, but we always remember the stories.

I’m taking Sam’s gracious offer to be part of his team very seriously – and will be providing the kind of insights that are unique, hard-hitting and slightly off-center (not unlike myself).

Sales, advertising and marketing are great; needed in fact.

But for 17 years, I was you; in every way.

And I know it’s a tough journey to make it big in this industry… Even tougher when we take our eye of the ball of what really matters.

So in the spirit of that truth, I will begin here.

With a conversation that just may get your fires burning today in a way they haven’t been lit before…..


The crackle of Death’s voice split the eerie night with malice.

“It is time” he whispered with finality

The old man tilted his head.  His pleading eyes were immediately blurred by the stench of decay and ruin.

He looked longingly into Death’s eyes; hoping to find a shred of mercy or hint of compassion.

An icy, soulless stare met his aching appeal.

Frozen in terror, but convicted in his ability to bargain, the old man cleared his throat and spoke in charming protest.

“It cannot be my time” he offered with a gentle firmness

“Not yet”

Death’s eyes grew amused and mocking.

“And why is that?” was the steely, cold response

The old man’s cunning mind began to race.  Perhaps this was negotiable.

“Because I have love for humanity” he said with a dishonest and yet convincing humility

“You do?” taunted Death

“Yes” said the old man with raising optimism

“I have much left to do for people…”

“And yet you never expressed this love in life” interrupted Death

A callous chill engulfed the old man.  Although objecting was his immediate emotional response, he knew that Death was right.

“I tried…” offered the old man weakly

“Yes” interrupted Death again “you tried but you did not do”

“You allowed yourself to become conditioned by fear.  Fear of race; of nationality and political ideology.  Fear of not having if you gave too much away”

“You did not love humanity, you feared scarcity and competition”

“You did not seek to serve; you opted to accumulate”

“But is it a sin to want for myself?” asked the man in begging denial

“It is not” scorned Death

“It is neither a sin nor a mistake.  But the true, rare and succulent riches only ever come to those whose purpose is to elevate others; not only themselves”

Defeated, the old man felt his breathing become labored.

Frantic, he searched his mind.

A persuasive argument that could convince Death to look elsewhere on this night.

A smile curved on the old man’s mouth.

A faint gleam in his eye boasted hopefulness.

“Because I love life” spoke the old man modestly and simply

The air turned wicked as Death roared in laughter.

A thunderous chill skipped through the old man’s spine as Death rose from his seated position.  The room blackened with spite and evil.

“Love life?” Death chuckled with distain

“You did not love life; you feared me”

 “You could have smiled in gratitude, but opted to sulk in pity”

“You could have stood out, but chose to huddle with the lemmings”

“You could have given, but decided to take”

“You could have sacrificed good to become great”

“You could have sown a legacy, but elected to live in self-servitude”

“You could have used your gifts, but kept them hidden instead”

Death paused, a sense of empathy poured out from his hooded presence.

“Your story is the same as so many before you” he said calmly

“You awoke every morning and went about your day without emotion or thought.  You complained about what you didn’t have.  You whined about the perceived injustices that kept you trolling through a mundane existence.  You stayed within your bubble of comfort, never venturing into the majesty of the unknown”

“You say you love life” Death offered softly

“But you never lived……”


Brian Grasso was considered a renegade during his time in the Fitness and Sport Training industry.

But that mentality is precisely what allowed him to create the kind of success that very few ever have.

His new journey is as Founder of “FTR Nation”… A family of Freethinking Renegades worldwide who put life purpose and service to others above all else.


Brian Grasso
“Rockstar Poet”