Groupon is a game changer. Just look at the picture below. We SOLD 905 Groupons BEFORE we ever opened our doors in Chicago.

As a matter of fact our first day of camp is the 5/23/11.

Let’s do the math for a second. That means that we generated 36K. We net 18K.

We invested less than 10K.

I don’t know of any other business in the world that can provide a positive cash flow BEFORE opening their doors.

I don’t know what the H*** I was thinking a few years ago when I opened up an Anytime Fitness. Check this out 100K for the build out, 200K for the equipment, 14K per month rent, utilities, etc……….. It broke my bank.

After nearly 2 years last month we still lost $1400. Bad business decision to open up a gym costing 400K with 16K per month overhead just to sell $29/month membership. Again what the H*** was I thinking.

It’s much better to pay 2K in overhead and charge $197/month. NO BRAINER.

I told my CPA to put that loss under “lessons learned”.

OK, let’s do some numbers……..

Let’s be really conservative.

905 people come in and say we do a S**** job converting them at a 20% conversion rate. That’s 181 new clients.

We used my and automated everything. Including putting them in our up sell and downs sell funnels
right off the bat.

Also our site is already on page 1 of Google for Chicago Boot Camp after being live for only 2 weeks. Thanks to my partner Neil “The traffic Generator”.

Neil is my “secret weapon” responsible for all my websites. Including which dominates Google for not 1 but 10 cities for the terms personal trainer, boot camp, weight loss, fitness and any variation.


181 new clients paying the average price of $147/month = $26,607.00 =======> $319,284.00 Gross

Let’s just say a whopping 100K goes to operations, marketing, etc……..

That will ONLY net $219,284.00

I don’t know how someone can live with that kind of money but not too shabby for one income stream ;)

Of course I have to share that with my 4 awesome partners and I get a measly $54,821.00

I would have to live with my mama if that was my only income stream. But not a bad payday for a few days of work.

Now I have to plot to get rid of my 4 partners cuz I don’t want to move back with my mama ;)

905 SOLD!!!

905 SOLD!!!