A few months ago I flew down to Sacramento to pay a visit to my friend and coaching Matt Weaver.

Matt, his partner Pete and their team of managers and trainers run a very professional, efficient, organized fitness business.

I was most impressed by this “system” they used to progress their training clients.

Matt kept mentioning a guy by the name of “Nick Osborne”

He swore up and down about how “Nick’s System” has helped revolutionize their training programs.

I asked Matt “how come I haven’t heard this Nick guy”

He then replied “he is NOT a marketer, he is a guy who is in the trenches that really knows his ####.


I had to find out more about this “Nick guy”

PS- A BIG congratulations to Matt and the staff at results 24 gym.. Their facility was recently voted the #1 gym in Sacramento. See the below.

“Sam thanks for all of your help this year. You know last January when we went down to Chino Hills I told you that our goal was to grow our revenue, expand our business and take it to the next level. 9 months later and we are well on our way. Our AUTHENTIC connections with our clients has made our training gym the #1 Gym in Sacramento according to the Sacramento News and Review plus those top secret expansion plans are moving forward. You are also the first business coach I have had that has spent time and focus telling us to SAVE and not SPEND and that saving money is just as good as spending $$. We appreciate the coaching and support.”

PPS- I first met Matt and his Partner Pete at last year’s “Weekend With Sam And Friend’s Event”

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