I admit…..

I’m far from perfect. Actually let me rephrase that. I’m very IMperfect, BUT we all find it easy to spot mistakes that others make, don’t we!

If we could only see those mistakes in ourselves!

So I thought it would be helpful by reminding you about some mistakes I regularly see fitness pros make.

I think you’ll appreciate these reminders.

So run through a mental checklist for each one to analyze your own business.

You should be able to identify at least a couple of areas where improvements can be made.

Mistake #1

Under estimating what a potential client will pay for your services.

Lesson: TEST pricing, don’t assume you know what the market will bear.

Mistake #2

Producing a program or service BEFORE asking the marketplace whether they want or need the service/product.

Lesson: ALWAYS survey clients before creating new programs/products.

Mistake #3

Not having any passion or interest in something (ie boot camps) but just seeing it as a hot trend where there’s money to be made.

Lesson: STICK to the things that you’re genuinely passionate about for long term success.

Mistake #4

Failing to include testimonials in a sales page, sales letter or any other communication that’s designed to persuade a customer to buy your product or service.

Lesson: Testimonials are ESSENTIAL in EVERY sales piece.

Mistake #5

Not testing and tracking marketing efforts.

Lesson: Test and measure EVERYTHING possible and never stop doing that because little hinges swing big doors.

Mistake #6

Trying to run all, or most aspects of a business by yourself.

Lesson: Outsourcing is a must. I outsource pretty much everything in my business except the checkbook and marketing.

Mistake #7

Failing to craft and present an irresistible offer.

Lesson: Never ASSUME that customers will buy without an irresistible offer. It’s essential that they perceive your offer as a “Must Have” in order to
be effective and successful.

Mistake #8

Assuming that clients will tolerate poor or bad service. They won’t and they’ll also tell 10-12 other people about their bad experience with you.

Lesson: Customer service is one of the most undervalued yet important aspects relating to whether a customer will buy from you again.

Mistake #9

Assuming that it’s all about the program. It’s not. The old adage adage that “people buy from people they know, like and trust” still holds true, yet many fitness pros treat their prospective clients in ways that completely disregards for that truth.

Lesson: Build a solid, long term relationship with your clients by delivering consistent value, proving that you GENUINELY care about them, and taking a sincere interest in their success.

Hope you enjoyed this list.

Your boy Sam,