-> For one, I set as goal to get one video up per week. Then after a couple months I’ll have enough material to get on top of the SEO rankings for Youtube.

-> Secondly, if I watch YouTube for fitness videos, 99% of them START with some guy talking 10 minutes about the exercise he’s about to demonstrate. Then he demonstrates.. and it’s done. So overall, most videos are boring. Nowadays I feel you have to step up your game and get at least a LITTLE bit of editing done.
Also, if another gym opened up next to me, I would have the edge by showing personality in my videos.

-> And lastly, now with my business growing my clients are starting to see me as “the boss”. My nickname is “El Jefe”. And the LAST thing I want is for them to think I don’t care anymore. So one of the best ways to show I’m human is to have a sense of humor, and the fact that I don’t take myself too seriously :)


Michael “The Engineer” Duivis