We all have done some form of marketing and most likely know what works for our fitness business, but these guidelines will ensure you don’t miss a beat and I guarantee by implementing any of these missing links to your existing strategy will bring you a higher response, which means what???? More profits!!



– This is what I call your HOOK. It’s what grabs the customer’s attention. Headlines must be catchy, attention getting, relevant and 2 to 3 words only; short and sweet. Compose headings that stand out by capitalizing, bolding, italics, all the above – just make sure it POPS!

– The heading draws prospects in, but photos keep them reading. Photos work hand in hand with headings. Using a before and after picture of a successful client is always good. Make sure the photos are clear and colorful. I’ve seen trainers use blurry pictures, which sends a message they don’t care. Remember, first impressions are huge. Crappy photos make you look bad, not the person in the photo.


– Ads are directed towards a particular audience and should be narrowed down as closely as possible to the direct target. In other words, if your target audience is helping women over 40 lose weight then your ad should not say anything about men or reflect towards younger women. Use keywords that relate to women 40 and over.


– Many businesses waste advertising money listing their name, phone number, address and what they do, and don’t include an OFFER. If you want a higher response, give customers an offer. Fulfill a need, begin a relationship – give the prospect a reason to contact you.


– Give customers a reason to respond now. Include an offer expressing a sense of urgency instead of one causing hesitation. Boring ads will get set aside. Don’t encourage prospects to procrastinate, make your offer motivating with a sense of urgency.


– Tell customers exactly what they need to do. DO NOT leave this part vague. It is the difference between basic and successful advertising that brings more customers to your business.


– It is imperative to know which ads work and which ones don’t. Sending out ads where only half are successful and not knowing which ones or why, is a waste of time and advertising money. Track it, eliminate the crap, and get a return on your investment.


– This is just as important as the heading. Hook the customer with the heading and close it with the perfect ending and you will convert. Weak endings lose the customer. Make the call to action strong and visible. Do not make this the smallest font on the ad. If offering a gift, make it stand out along with precise instructions of how to obtain it. This is your last chance to instill a sense of urgency.


That’s it my friends; simple and easy, but a must in marketing your fitness business. Do the research and take the time to construct ads correctly the first time. Don’t waste your time on meaningless ads with no return on investment.