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Sam: Hey. What’s happening, Super Trainers? It’s Seven-figure Sam right here with you and I’m here visiting one of my former employees and a matter of fact, she moved away
when she worked for me and now take a look at what she has got. Check this out. Look at what it says. What GPA. Hey Leree, what’s happening?

Leree: Hey.

Sam: Say hi to Super Trainers.

Leree: Hey, Super Trainers. How are you?

Sam: Awesome, man. Leree, now you’re part of Fitness Concepts three years ago and you moved away and now you got some businesses going and stuff like that.

Leree: Yes.

Sam: And we just saw each other the first time in a couple of years.

Leree: I know. It has been a while.

Sam: Well, you’re keeping in great shape.

Leree: Thank you.

Sam: Now here’s the thing. I was just talking to you over lunch and you said that even though like you pretty much have everything you want in life, you still work out as a
personal trainer.

Leree: I do.

Sam: You still work a few hours as a personal trainer.

Leree: I do. Yes.

Sam: I mean you must be like the only person who drive a car like this and just go in there and work. Obviously you don’t need it for the money.

Leree: Right, although I do get paid. They still pay me. I do it for a couple of reasons. Obviously I love helping people lose weight, eat right, stay on the right track, like what I learned
from you. But it gets me in there to keep myself in shape and it’s just what needs to be a big focus in people’s lives. So I love it. That’s what I do.

Sam: But I mean if you pull up with something like this in my gym, I’m just going to be worried about – I mean can I afford to pay you? I’m like what am I going to do? There’s
nothing I can offer you. Like why would you want to even want to work here? But the reason for this is when people talk about having a passion, just working out. If other
people talk about passion and mostly it’s about money. They’re like, if the money is not there, also the passion is gone but obviously you’re somebody who has really made it.
You’re somebody who’s doing great in life and this is real passion. You have everything in life and you still work a few hours as a personal trainer. That’s awesome.

Leree: It is. I believe in it and I will always have my foot on the floor. Yes.

Sam: Now what would you tell a personal trainer that’s starting out? What would you say are some of the things that they need to have to be successful?

Leree: Well, don’t be one of those trainers that stops focusing on yourself and your fitness for sure. You always got to look the part, walk the walk and then keep it fun and
change it up and keep it exciting and just be passionate about it because if you’re not motivated and you don’t look like you’re enjoying where you’re at, then nobody is going
to be a part of what you got going on.

Sam: That’s the word right there. Now explain this to me and we’re going to cut out right now. What does “What GPA” mean?

Leree: Well, neither my husband nor my self finished college.

Sam: Hey, Pete.

Pete: Hi. How are you?

Leree: So it may be a little bit of an in-your-face thing. Maybe just a little.

Sam: So you guys dropped out. You didn’t go to college and you guys can still make a living.

Leree: Yes.

Sam: Because you’re passionate about what you do and you love helping people.

Leree: Really. Yes, we love it.

Sam: Awesome. Sam from Super-Trainer.com and check this out, beautiful car. Leree and Pete, thanks for having me.

Pete: Thank you.

Sam: It was great having lunch with you guys.

Pete: Thank you.

Sam: All right, Pete.

Pete: Hey, what’s up?

Sam: What’s happening man? I love the convertible Spyder Gallardo. I want to hear this thing.

Pete: We’ll up on it, we’re just going here. It needs some open space.

Sam: Oh, yes. You need a lot of open space with this bad boy. Oh, lord! My god, 139 quick. I’ll tell you this right now. This is faster than my ferrari. This thing definitely has more torque.

Pete: And burning about three gallons of gas.

Sam: [0:04:29] [Inaudible]

Pete: It was fine.

Sam: I guess if you can drive a car like this. You don’t worry about the gas.

Pete: Four miles with a gallon means nothing.

Sam: Oh my god. This is fast, man.

Pete: That was fun. That was fast.

Sam: Wow. Now this is a rare color.

Pete: It’s custom. Lamborghinis usually come white, black or a lime-green and lime-orange. If you happen to see a colored one which is red or blue, it’s considered a
custom color. This one is named after one of the sons, Rosso Vik.

Sam: Wow.

Pete: A lot of the Lamborghinis, the Gallardos, the Murciélago, they’re named after bulls which they used to fight in Italy.

Sam: Oh, wow.

Pete: So a lot of people don’t understand where you get the names of the different Lamborghinis.

Sam: This is beautiful. Man, I’m speechless of how fast it is.

Pete: It’s a fun car. It’s a lot of fun. It’s an eye-catcher. You really can’t go anywhere without somebody giving you a thumbs-up and when we first got it, we were cruising
around and it was something to see. The highway patrol stayed behind us, watched us, pulled up next to us and gave us a thumbs-up …

Sam: Yes, yes. That goes like a go-cart.

Pete: It barely goes in one circle. I can almost make a complete U even with just half a turn and it got power like you cannot believe.

Sam: And I remember. Back in the day, you were in the classic cars.

Pete: Yes. I have a ’57 Chevy Bel Air. I used to take that to all the car shows and basically after we grew up, got married and started our own businesses, I didn’t have
the time to do the car show thing. so I ended up selling it and made a healthy profit on it and invested it and now I own three restaurants.

Sam: Awesome. Awesome. It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Leree: Yes. We love what we do. My wife is definitely passionate about it and I’m not quite as involved as much as she is. She’s more of the brains and I’m the brawns with this thing.

Sam: She’s the brains and the beauty and you’re just the beast. I love that.

Pete: Exactly, and I pay the bills. It’s how things go.

Sam: I love that man.

Pete: Her favorite saying is, she goes “In our relationship, I like the flyers, and he puts them out”

Sam: I love it. I love it. Well, Pete. Thanks so much for the ride. Thank you so much for having me at the restaurant.

Pete: You’re welcome.

Sam: It was a pleasure seeing you again.

Pete: All right. Nice seeing you.