Hey Super Trainers,

7 Figure Retreat Crew with Floyd Mayweather

Kickin’ it with the Champ!

A picture is worth a thousand words or 1,000 punches (in Money Mayweather’s Case).

Not only does 7figga Sam deliver great content at the Vegas Mastermind/Retreat.  He also surprises us with once in a lifetime experiences. #workhardplayhard.

After masterminding by the pool, we saw Floyd Money Mayweather spar 4 rounds with a top amateur fighter, get in about two hours of skill work, and talk a ton of trash.

The champ works hard (hint hint…reason he’s the champ)…3 training sessions a day…no air conditioning in his gym…

Below are more golden nuggets, bagged and tagged, from this year’s 7Figga Retreat…


7 Tips from 7Figga Retreat


Tip1…Attend fitness events…

Not just for the content, but for the hidden gem.  The Hidden Gem?…you will meet ‘n make connections with tons of like-minded people (which can only help you and your business).

-Thanks Sam Bakhtiar


Tip2…Avoid the shiny objects…

As Fitness Pro’s, we often come up with a million and one ideas for our business (i.e. cell phone apps is the current flavor of the month).  Stick with your guns and what makes your business tick.

-Thanks Luka Hocevar

Tip3…How many clients would you have if you had never lost one since you started being a personal trainer?

Make a list of these clients.  Take time to personally call them and get them back in your program.

-Thanks Damien Maher

Tip4…A.M. Workouts

Morning workouts are Awesome :-D .  Please remember, if you’re at the 7Figga Retreat in Vegas, don’t leave Sam and Dave in the locker room at Gold’s Gym.  Why, you ask?

Because they’ll strip down and pose down in the locker room…video coming soon (watch at your own risk)

                                                                                                                                     –Thanks for sharing Gold’s Gym Security

Tip5…A tip from Money…

Floyd “Money” Mayweather puts on a show even during his workouts.  He doesn’t need more money or more victories.  Mayweather boxes because he loves it.  Do what you love and are passionate about.

-Thanks for pointing this out Steve Krebs

Tip6…Downsize your headache…

Design a business that will support your ideal lifestyle with the smallest amount of stress.

-Thanks Dave “Pose-down” Peterson

Tip7…Create Template Programs…

That are solutions for your clients specific problems (i.e. back pain relief workout, men’s mass gain workout, women’s weight loss program)

-Thanks Ian Hart


Bonus Tip……Know your numbers…

How many clients can you handle before your level of customer service diminishes and the quality of your work goes down?

Know these numbers and apply them to your business…(or you’re just a gunslinger chasing blanks)

-Thanks Neil Venketramen(SEO Wizard)


It is what it is…apply one of these tips to your business today before your head hits the pillow to sleep tonight…go make it do what it do Super Trainers…


Thank you for tuning in…have an EPIC Day!




Kirk Huggins Rogers




P.S.  Check out the video (thank you Gene Fox)…