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Checkout Affiliate Blog Empire

Sam: Hey. What’s happening everybody? It’s your boy Seven-figure Sam here out here in the beautiful Las Vegas Nevada, baby, my second home; and I’m here with an internet marketing wiz, my boy Ryan Magin. What’s happening?

Ryan: What’s up, man?

Sam: Hey, man. I know you’re crushing it online, Ryan. I know you’ve done some crazy shit, you know, but tell me like kind of like your business model and how your business is running.

Ryan: Well, it’s really hard to explain to most people. I basically have a network of over a hundred little miniature blogs. They’re like three to five posts each and they rank in Google for specific terms and I sell affiliate products. So that’s 100 percent passive business.

Sam: So you basically have all these blog networks and I know when we were sitting down on lunch earlier and you rank these blog posts. Like I mean sometimes you outrank the person that makes the product for their own term.

Ryan: Yes.

Sam: So you have some ninja SEO ways. How can someone like me find out about that kind of stuff and learn from that?

Ryan: Well, I have a course. I mean I have a couple of free videos I give away. I do a lot of product reviews and they’re actually big moneymakers and if you do them right and you have a personal blog, I highly recommend you review every single product you can that’s on the ClickBank marketplace, Amazon. It’s all free money for you to take. So definitely make product reviews. I show a video where I dissect my most profitable product review this year where it made a little close to $5000 from one site this year and the whole goal is to have multiple sites making you small amounts of income which is my whole business model.

But check out my products Affiliate Blog Empire. I’m sure Sam is going to put a link somewhere under this. I give away two free videos. Definitely watch them and use the content. You will be sold to it after the 30-second video. I’m not going to hide anything from you but basically it’s my entire strategy for how I build these sites and rank them in Google. I can pretty much rank for any term I want.

Sam: Yes. You know, Ryan, it’s funny that you say that because a lot of people think that you got to make like a million dollars from one product and nobody makes a million dollars from one product. You’re out here. You said, “OK. Well, I’m making $5000 from this site,” and people are like, “Well, big freaking deal. It’s only $5000.” But now if you make $35,000 sites or a $55,000 site, now that’s a big deal. Even though these sites are making you money 24/7 when you’re sleeping, you put them out there. You get them ranked and they’re just making you money no matter what.

Ryan: I mean my entire strategy started out with I just wanted – when I build a site, I buy a domain name. I hope to make one sale per month on one site because the average ClickBank commission is $31. A $47 product, you make $31 off that product. So the whole goal is to have a thousand sites that make $31 a month.

Sam: Now you know what, man? That’s not a bad payday.

Ryan: No, it’s not at all.

Sam: So, yes. It just goes against everybody thinking that they got to come up with a one-hit wonder. You got to be rich off of one sites or two sites. So hey, you make 30 bucks a month from one site and you got 500 sites or 1000 sites out there, that’s 30 grand, 50 to 30 grand a month.

Ryan: Yes. I mean I wish I did make $30 from 1000 sites but the whole thing, I mean it’s the more sites I put out, the more YouTube videos you make, the more things you have out there, the more blog posts you have on your personal blog, it’s just like that’s just free money that’s there for anybody to take.

Sam: Just like we see this right here, man. If you want to go fishing, you better have more poles in the water right here, right? The same as that, man. The more poles you have in the water, the more fish you’re going to catch, right?

Ryan: Definitely and that’s one thing. I mean if you’re a trainer and you’re watching this and you’re trying to get leads to your blog and get clients – I mean I know if I was a personal trainer, I would crush it in my local area just because I would be reviewing every restaurant in my area. I would have written reviews for all the – like always go to fine dining restaurants too. Those are your clientele. You don’t want broke people in your …

Sam: That’s right.

Ryan: But I mean I would do that. I would be like reviewing clubs. I would have a giant product review site all centered on driving traffic to my personal training business.

Sam: That’s a pretty good idea. I think I’m going to do that.

Ryan: So …

Sam: Awesome, Ryan. So I’m going to put a link somewhere below this video so people can find out more about you. I really appreciate it, man. Thank you for sharing your business model. I know a lot of people in the internet marketing world and things like that don’t want to share their secrets or stuff like that. You’ve been very transparent because you’re not going to hide. You’ve always been very generous with your information. I really appreciate that.

RyanI’ve been reading questions in the comments and what not. I mean I love answering questions so hope I can help you out.

Sam: Ryan “The Internet Wiz” Magin.