I’ve been in the fitness business for over 15 years and have several websites in addition to my fitness studio. I have built a successful business by being in the trenches and learning many lessons along the way. Today I’m going to dole out some of these lessons with you.

I have to warn you some of these lessons are not politically correct and might not be suitable for everybody, but they’ve been pretty successful lessons for me.

Some may be contradicting but sometimes that’s the way life and business rolls!!

Don’t be shy when you’re done reading the list. Tell me about your experiences in the trenches and your opinion with any of mine.


    1. Possess good morals.
    2. Excellent products can sell themselves – but it’s not the rule.
    3. Stressing today won’t make a difference in tomorrow.
    4. Money is not more important than Success.
    5. Money is a sub-product of success. Use your bank account as a report card.
    6. Passion can be outsourced.
    7. Delegating tasks is essential to your success.
    8. Invest all you can so you grow quickly.
    9. Ignore cancellation letters (No way).
    10. Always answer cancellation letters.
    11. Honesty is not backstabbing.
    12. Your own competitiveness is the best.
    13. Spending beyond your means forces you to work harder and earn more cash thus becoming successful. (Just kidding that’s exactly why economy is where it is)
    14. Mac crushes Windows.
    15. 2 heads are better than 1.
    16. Know your reason.
    17. Compose your daily tasks and get em’ done.
    18. Practice what you preach.
    19. Encompass yourself with positive, successful people.
    20. Perform selfless acts.
    21. Network as much as possible.
    22. Do not discuss business at the lounge.
    23. You acquire support from positive people because of who you as an ethical person and what you symbolize.
    24. Be healthy – eat properly and exercise!
    25. Your lifestyle seriously affects your businesses success.
    26. Invest in happiness.
    27. Don’t hold grudges – Forgive and Forget.
    28. Those who steal are losers and eventually fail.
    29. Create a product or service everyone will remember.
    30. Credit for your accomplishments is not important.
    31. Leave the Ego at the door.
    32. Continue to learn. You can never know it all.
    33. Invest in good business partners.
    34. Develop a long-term arrangement with your business partner.
    35. If it works – keep performing it.
    36. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.
    37. Don’t put all your eggs in the same place.
    38. One huge success is more valuable than 10 small things.
    39. Don’t settle, you worth more.
    40. Success comes to those who don’t quit.
    41. You can’t help everyone.
    42. Don’t stress on critics. They aren’t remembered.
    43. Genuinely help others.
    44. Always bargain.
    45. You can get if you don’t ask.
    46. Focus if you really want it.
    47. Hire the best graphic artists and website developers.
    48. You get what you pay for.
    49. What you think is your worst idea sometimes proves to be the best.
    50. Successful people dress casual.
    51. Don’t waste time complaining about others.
    52. People who imitate you actually like what you’re doing.
    53. If you’re pissed at something, sleep on it before you act. (I struggle with this one I admit)
    54. Don’t just express your idea – do it.
    55. Entrepreneurs don’t sleep because they’re always creating success.
    56. Visualize your dream home.
    57. Energy is imperative to success.
    58. Vanish for too long and you will be forgotten.
    59. Sometimes your efforts to others will never be good enough.
    60. Always strive for more.
    61. Show respect.
    62. Don’t let fear defeat you.
    63. Always give credit where it’s due!

PS – BONUS: Never, EVER do anything that compromises people’s trust and respect. Once that’s gone there’s no coming back