So maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own fitness business. And perhaps you’ve even been kicking around the idea of buying a Broke Body Boot Camp. After all, a Broke Body Boot Camp comes with name-brand recognition.  And it might even some with a little extra help and support as you get your business up and running.

That’s probably true. But what Broke Body Boot Camp sellers don’t tell you is that buying a franchise also comes with a lot of headaches. It’s not all sunshine and kittens. And once you really start looking into it, you’ll quickly discover that setting up your own bootcamp business is much better than buying a Broke Body Boot Camp.

Indeed, here are five good reasons why it’s better to set up your own bootcamp rather than buying a Broke Body Boot Camp.

When you buy a license to run a Broke Body Boot Camp, you may pay five figures or even six figures just for the license and initial set-up fees.  Depending on how the franchise is set up, you may then have to purchase a building and equipment on top of your licensing fees.  What’s more, you’re going to have to pay ongoing fees, such as:

  • Royalties on all the profits you make.
  • Cooperative advertising fees.
  • Additional licensing fees (depending on whether your initial franchise licensing fee was a one-time payment or if you have to make additional payments).

Point is, you need VERY deep pockets or the ability to secure a big loan if you plan on purchasing a Broke Body Boot Camp.

Ah ha – so maybe you’re thinking that not all franchises are expensive.  You’re right – small, unproven franchises tend to be cheap. And maybe you’re thinking you can save yourself heaps of money by purchasing one of the cheap franchises.

Think again…

Sometimes these Broke Body Boot Camp franchises are cheap for a reason.  Indeed, one of the most common reasons owners sell cheap franchises is because the fitness business itself isn’t all that profitable. So the owner isn’t in the fitness business; instead, he’s in the business of selling franchises. And the more franchises he can sell, the more money he makes.

Problem is, YOU might not make any money at all, not even enough to recoup your licensing fees. Ouch!

Did you know that the top fitness franchises interview YOU? That’s right, getting a Broke Body Boot Camp can be difficult and even intimidating. That’s because you need to fill out an application. And if the franchise owner accepts your application, then often you need to go in for a personal interview – perhaps even two.

Why all the rigmarole?  It’s because the Broke Body Boot Camp franchise owner is trying to decide if you are a good fit for their brand image. They want to make sure you’ll represent the brand in the best possible way. They want to make sure you’ll make money for the company. And they’ll want to make sure you’re a “yes man” who’ll do everything they want you to do, without questions. (See #5 below.)

On the flip side, if you decide to set up a bootcamp, you can do it ASAP – starting today.  No waiting, no applications, no interviews. Just make the decision and run with it.

As you just discovered, you need to go through an application and perhaps even one or two interviews before you can even start thinking about setting up a Broke Body Boot Camp. That doesn’t include the time it takes you to secure the incredible amount of funding it takes to set up a franchise. Plus, when you buy a Broke Body Boot Camp you often have to set it up on the company’s schedule. That’s because the franchise likes to have a trainer breathing down your neck, making sure you’re doing everything according to their rules and regulations.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with any of that when you set up your own bootcamp.  And that’s why you can set one up so quickly and easily. Indeed, you could have a bootcamp set and start accepting reservations and payments in a matter of a few days from now – no kidding!

When you buy a Broke Body Boot Camp franchise, you’re buying the rights to use a brand name. But what you’re losing is your freedom.  That’s because you have to do everything the company tells you to do, such as:

  • Have your business open on certain days and at certain hours.
  • Make sure certain equipment available.
  • Hire a certain number of employees.
  • Advertise in a certain way.
  • Treat your clients in a certain way.
  • Paint your building in a certain way.

And I could go on and on. The point is, when you buy a Broke Body Boot Camp you’ll be severely restricted in the way you can operate it. It won’t ever really feel like it’s really yours. And you’ll have to jump through a ton of hoops in order to make the tiniest changes to the way you run the business.
Not true when you set up your own bootcamp. Because when you run your own business, you call the shots. You decide what kind of clientele you’ll have, where you’ll hold your bootcamp, what time you’ll make your camps available… etc. It’s all up to you because you have complete freedom to run your business the way you want to run it.

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Georgette Pann: owner of NutriFitness Personal Training Studio and Bootcamps. She is author and creator of the best selling Sure VictoryFitness Bootcamp Kit  and
Sure Results:The Ultimate Book of Bootcamp Workouts