Below is the exact document I use when recruiting new business clients for my corporate wellness business.  Read each one carefully so you will be prepared when the opportunity presents itself.  With these five steps, you’ll be able to help businesses understand what they need to implement a successful corporate wellness program. 

It all starts with you. Human nature is to follow by example. Any program your company introduces is only as effective as the endorsement, value, and goals that top level management places in it. It is even more imperative when we are talking about lifestyle changes. That is the bottom line we are discussing.

This step is so crucial that our staff at AYC Health & Fitness provides the CEO with the motivation and tools necessary to be active in supporting their corporate fitness and nutrition initiatives. We maintain a working relationship with top management throughout the program with updated progress reports and evaluations.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult for many people to make. There is a flow of readiness-to change in human nature. We will work with you and your employees to go with this flow to achieve the necessary changes that will facilitate the repair and prevention of their health problems and risks.

If you cannot or will not give your full blessing to this program, do not even activate one. It can be damaging to a business to send a double message to its employees. You must be consistent in your recognition of the need and your belief in the solution. Whether it is your product or service specs, your marketing message, your sales plan, or your employee benefits, you must give your approval for effective action.


You must know where things stand at the start. What are the most important areas you need to address? What results do you need to see? Yes, we all want the moon, and we can get it. One step at a time, the same way you built your business. We provide the needs/interest assessment. Using your input, we add specific questions to our standard needs assessment form so that you get a complete picture of your business and employee needs, desires, and components on the path to healthy change.

One critical element this needs/interest assessment provides is eye-opening possibilities suddenly available to the employee. Many people have “dieted” for years, ineffectively.

Many people have never challenged themselves in the areas of exercise and nutrition.

People who are dealing with addictions, health issues, and stress suddenly see a light at the end of the tunnel when they see the questions. They feel empowered and hopeful as they take action filling in their answers. There is a renewed sense of energy.

That is another reason it is so critical to have CEO support. If you bring your company to that point of hope and renewed vigor and then you do nothing about it, the let down will be huge. Again, if you are not on board, do not even start the process.


Not everyone knows where his or her health currently stands. Studies show that 5 in every 100 employees have undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes. Finding the baselines is essential to setting the goals and measuring the results. We will provide this resource and coordinate with department heads so your workplace disruption is minimal.

It is ideal to either distribute a flyer telling employees about this opportunity with date and times, or to hold a companywide meeting laying out the opportunity. We will work with you to develop either or both. We will provide a speaker if you would like a health professional to give part of that meeting. The health screening can be as discreet or as energetic and inclusive as you would like it to be. We work with you and your needs and goals.

This information is necessary before beginning any physical activity for many people. Health history information is necessary for all people before beginning an exercise program.


Without action nothing happens. You need to have an actual exercise and proper nutrition program in place for real change to begin. You market your product to the core, and push your sales force out the door. You demand action in your business because it is the only way to move from point A to point B.

The AYC Nutrition component is on-line for employee access at home during their own time. It is tailored to each individual’s needs and provides weekly meal plans and grocery lists for ease in implementation.

The AYC SUMMER™ Fitness Program is a half hour full body workout including cardio, strength, flexibility, agility, and balance, with warm-up, cool down, and stretching. We work on site in a conference room, warehouse, break room, or other large area. There is no workplace disruption.

Employees all work out together, 10 – 20 per half hour session, at their own capabilities. Our exercise programs are designed by exercise physiologists to encompass all of the latest findings in physical fitness. We use the latest in audio digital technology so our trainers are watching form, motivating, and paying individual attention to each participant.

We pay special attention to your employees needs. Topics such as low back pain, stress reduction, acceleration/ deceleration are covered in weekly emails to your employees. We stay in touch with them and are available to answer their questions and concerns.


These are important in any business venture, and especially when employees or any type of change is involved.

We have a checklist we go over with you to make sure all the bases are covered. We will help draft a policy sheet if you need one of those, or a memo. We won’t add any additional paperwork chores for your people unless absolutely necessary on your end. Your expectations for us should be clearly stated, as we intend to live up to them. We will also state clearly the items listed above.

Timelines will be included. We are available to you at any point you have questions or concerns. Our main goal is to help your employees achieve measurable improvement in their health, strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility. The goals and the plan of action regarding corporate health promotion must be written.





The “Classy” Greg Justice
American Association of Personal Trainers