Hey. What’s up Super-Trainer? This is Ian Hart and I’m doing a video post about a postcard I did that helped me bring in good cash flow on a monthly basis and it’s something that Sam helped me out with so I’m going to share that with you and hopefully can help you out.

In the background, you might hear some screaming noises as we got some training going on. So we try to limit that as much as possible but you know how it goes, trying to get this done in the room next to our training.

So first off, I’m just going to show you real quick the postcard that I sent out. All right? So here we have the postcard that I sent out and the simple headline, Lose 7 to 12 Pounds of Fat in 21 Days Guaranteed: Discover Beaufort’s – that’s where I live – Number 1 Fat Loss Program Guaranteed to Give You Permanent and Rapid Results.

Then obviously before-and-afters, the price point and just a simple copy and on the back, more before-and-afters which is always going to be the most powerful thing that people want to see. Then we have the features and benefits and then more on the pricing and then scarcity. Obviously the first 20 people that register and then the location and all that good stuff.

So I’m going to break down for you on the board exactly what I did. So let me get in front of the board here. All right. Hopefully that’s clear. You can see but basically – all right. So the postcard, the total cost of the postcard was about $4900. I sent that out to 9800 people.

Again the price was $127 and the conversion was about 40 people. That conversion of 40 people brought in $5157. Mind you, I also launched it to the list as well so most of this was in response from the direct marketing of the postcard and there was like a few people in there from our list.

So that’s a monthly. From that, just bringing those 40 people had covered the cost of the card. Now from that, those 40 people, I converted them into $4777 recurring monthly. So I entice them to come in on a monthly program and we did $4777. So hopefully we get to keep them for 12 months. If we can keep them at least 12 months, that’s another $57,324. If we can keep them for 6 months, it’s $28,662. So you can see right there how that just changes your revenue drastically off of one postcard. So it can affect your income drastically.

So I did it also to my list, to my current clients, and this one was an experiment and I kind of messed up on it so this is something you can learn from. I offered it for $21 and I offered four extra training sessions and the 21-day belly blast.

So as you saw on the postcard, I did a 21-day belly blast, a sidebar on that. If that’s in your niche, I would highly recommend doing the 21-day belly blast and they’re a part of Sam’s group. They were at the seminar there and they did a presentation on the 21-day belly blast. I took action on that. I bought the 21-day belly blast. I highly recommend you doing that because it gives you all the meal plans, all the details that you don’t want to spend time doing. You just buy the product and then launch it to your list and boom, you have an amazing program, tons of value added to your program and take advantage of that. That basically allowed us to get referrals from other people because of the information that they gave to us through the 21-day belly blast.

So anyway, I launched it to my program. I had even four extra sessions. Now a session for us costs a minimum of $27 so they got four extra sessions. A ton of people took advantage of it but it made us an extra $800. I’m sure if I made that $47, the same amount of people would have taken advantage of it. I was kind of just being cool and just like here’s an extra four sessions pretty much because we had made changes to our program. I just wanted to kind of appease people. So that’s based on you.

A few things that Sam helped me out with was the color of the card. You saw that it was blue. Let me grab that real quick. The blue has a little subconscious connotation to it. It kind of tells the people that you’re trusting and that headline also pops out with it so those are little details that I got help from Sam with and then this postcard.

If you think about it, you’re sending that to 9800 people. It wasn’t the best conversion to have 40 people based on that. That’s like less than one percent. One percent would be doing good but you can see just out of 40 people, I well covered the cost of this and I brought in recurring revenue.

So I highly recommend doing something like this and the 21-day belly blast is a perfect program to do it on. If you need any info on how I got the cards done, how I got them sent out to everybody, feel free to leave a comment or you can email me. We will leave my information below and I will help you out as best as I can because this is something that can really bring you more revenue in a recurring basis. Again this is Ian Hart and any questions you have, comments, please leave them below. Thank you, Super-Trainers and I will talk to you soon.



Attached is the post card that I sent out a 2 months ago that has brought in an extra 30K at least so far.

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