Guest post by Erick Ruiz Salgado
Facebook had changed the way we network online. Social networking is no longer just for kids. Entire families are now using social networking to stay in touch and share information. That means that you have an opportunity to reach virtually every age group for your fitness business. Even grandma has facebook!

I found that video to be hilarious but it serves to drive my point home. Facebook has such a broad audience that virtually all business are attempting to use it to connect with clients and grow their business. Below I will reveal 3 Secrets to Facebook Success

Facebook Fan Pages are pages that businesses commonly use to network with people. It is public and provides the business with an easy way to communicate with potential, past and current clients. They key to having a successful fan page is to create a fan page that entices people to like your page. Once a person likes your page they will begin receiving your updates on their homepage. This allows you to promote specials, ask for input, and let people get to know your business on a more personal note.
I have found two methods that every fan page should use to encourage people to like their page. The first is to create a profile picture that is both eye catching and functional. To do this uses a picture that grabs attention. Remember that people are very visual and if your picture draws their eye they are likely to investigate your page further. You should also have a very clear “Click Like” message with an arrow pointing in the direction where the “Like” button will be. See the image below for an example.

Next you want to make sure that people visiting your page are directed to a squeeze page of sort. To do this, create another image similar to your profile page that will instruct people to like you page. Install an application on your fan page called “Static HTML.” Once you have installed Static HTML on your fan page you will be able to edit the fan page much like a regular website. Take the image you want to use on your fan page and hosted it on flickr. Then Copy the HTML code and place it in the Static HTML editor, save and Bam. It should be up… but we are not done yet. You will still need to make the Static HTML tab your default landing tab. To do this make sure you are logged in as your fanpage by clicking “Use Facebook as (your fan page)” in the upper right corner of your page. Then click “Edit Page” which will also be located in the upper right hand corner. Click the drop down menu next to “Default Landing Tab” and select your Static HTML tab. Click “Save changes” and now you have a fan page that converts.
See below for a screenshot of my fan page or Visit

We are all busy with work, family, and other projects. Who has time to chat on facebook all day? I don’t know many successful business people who spend hours on facebook, so keep your updates automated for the most part. Visit and sign up for an account. Hootsuite allows you to send updates to facebook, facebook fan pages,and twitter automatically. Create a few up updates promoting your webpage, special offers, motivational quotes, testimonials…etc, and schedule them to be posted throughout the week. Try to schedule them to be posted in the morning and around noon, because that is when most people are likely to check their facebook.
Below is a screenshot of my Hoot Suite Dashboard. Go to to sign up!

I have secret that can save you thousands of dollar when setting up a blog. It’s called Blog Creation Domination. These guys will set up a professional looking blog for you at a fraction of the price other web designers would charge. Having a professional looking blog makes you look professional and organized. It also allows you to discuss topics related to your business and allows people to “get to know you.” This is extremely important because if a person feels like you are professional and already feels comfortable with you, they are more likely to purchase your service or product. I have personally used Blog Creation Domination for and I am very pleased with the results. Be sure to post updates on your fan page, using Hootsuite that link back to your blog.
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So there you have it. I hope you found this information useful.

Committed to your success,
Erick “The Ab Pro” Salgado