I can’t tell you enough about how much I enjoyed Brandon Bouchard’s Expert Academy so far. We still have one full day left tomorrow. I have to say that Brandon must be the most energetic MOFO that I have EVER seen. The event was 4 days  and 12 hours EACH day with UNBELIEVABLE content.

Also getting to hang out and have a few drinks with the most sought after internet marketer (and comedian, he is funny as s***) in the world Frank Kern was a great experience. He is SUPER COOl.

I can’t possibly put everything that I learned on this blog. Simply too much content. But  I have some good nuggets for you =)

I want to thank my boy Brian Devlin from ptexplosion.com for inviting me to this event and hanging out. He is another up and coming guy in our industry and looks like we’re going to be hanging out again at Pat’s event in Louisville next month.

Here are some quick nuggets for you:

  1. The way you say something is the most important. Have emotional impact.
  2. Wake up and inspire yourself. Society with low standards can’t survive. Inspire people by challenging people.
  3. Greatest challenge in getting S*** done is FOCUS.
  4. Don’t focus on being a millionaire focus on SERVING A MILLION PEOPLE.
  5. Positioning, Packaging, Promoting and Partnering are the 4 mandates of a successful product online.
  6. The world doesn’t need more presents, it needs more PRESENCE.
  7. Get the book Alchemist
  8. Your website needs to do 3 things 1) Add value 2) Capture leads and 3) Make $$$
  9. Today’s culture is all about AUTHENTICITY
  10. 2 things that can change your life 1) Something new comes into your life 2) Something new comes out of you
  11. Book recommendation: Change your brain change your life
  12. 2 things that needs to be done in business 1) Relating and 2) Creating
  13. Don’t try to be anyone else be yourself FULLY EXPRESSED
  14. Study: If you increase your price by 30% you will only lose 5% of your buyers
  15. The word “easy” is the greatest marketing hook.
  16. You have to make sure you are or have  1) Authentic 2) Transparent 3) Reputation 4) Great Content
  17. The “reveal” is the most powerful, best way to launch a product. Just follow how apple reveals each of their products.
  18. Success is scheduled. Mastery happens  ONLY though practice
  19. Metaphors wins arguments. Book : “How to win every argument”
  20. People don’t believe in your success until they believe in your journey
  21. Brandon’s book recommendation: 1) Mind Sight 2) Positive psychology Coaching 3) Flow
  22. Share your story give more of yourself to get more.
  23. If you want to be the best then learn from the best. The best are more accessible than you think. Just ask