Bulletproof on super-trainer.com fitness marketing

  1. Break out of the fitness industry norms – the majority is almost always wrong and are always behind.
  2. Recycle what you do. Deliver the same content in different formats. Fitness coaching programs, infoproducts, Bootcamps to Go – they’re all the same stuff packages in different formats.
  3. Small hinges swing big doors. A few small, but strategic changes can make big differences to the bottom line.
  4. A different way to look at your market is to find price gaps instead of pricing the way everyone else does.  If you can get a health club membership for $39, a bootcamp membership for $199 and 1 on 1 personal training for $500 – the gaps are $99 and $299-399.  What can you offer there?
  5. Joining the Chamber of Commerce is like joining a gym.  Most will do nothing with their membership, but if you take advantage of everything they offer it can be a huge difference maker.
  6. If you have no money – knock on doors, hustle, network and make something happen every day. Roll up your sleeves and go to work. You can overcome a lack of money with an abundance of hustle in most areas.
  7. Successful people have a sense of urgency. Procrastination is not acceptable.
  8. If you accept mediocrity you will get more. Mediocrity only exists if you tolerate it.
  9. People mess up JV’s and referrals by not making it easy for others to help us.  Help them help you. Do as much as possible of the work for them and you’ll get 10X the results.
  10. Are you the first person in your market that people think of when it comes to what you do? If not – re-define what you do or tighten down your niche.
  11. The quickest way to more money is to sell more to your current clients.  Supplements, Workshops, Weight Management, Higher Priced Coaching, etc.
  12. You decide.  You decide how people view you and your business.  What hours you’ll work.  How you live your life. If you don’t decide, they’ll decide for you.
  13. There is hidden opportunity in every business.  Three easy ones are upsells from your basic programs, downsells for people who don’t buy and reactivation of previous clients.  It’s money that’s just sitting there waiting for you to grab it.
  14. Associate with like minded, successful people.  It’s often said that your income is the average of the 5 people’s income you’re around most – so don’t hang out with slackers.
  15. If most people realized that they had all the same skills (often better) as the top earning trainers in the field there would be a LOT more six-figure earners in our industry.
  16. A big obstacle to success is distraction. Turn off the email and TV and work on your business.
  17. Always have a higher priced option. There are a certain amount of people in a market who will pay top price.
  18. You need to be constantly working on you as much as your business.
  19. It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep.  Focus on improving your net profits, not just your gross revenues.
  20. Organize your day the night before and make sure you block time for everything that is important to you.  Working on your business gets time.  Networking gets time.  Family gets time.  Self improvement gets time.  If you don’t schedule it you’ll find yourself putting it off.
  21. A lot of success is born out of a hatred of losing. As a coach I enjoyed winning but I HATED losing. 



Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby
Top Fitness Business Coach, CEO,
Athletic Revolution Franchises