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Do you play it too safe in your training biz?

Do you play it too safe in your training biz?

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I want to talk to you about stepping out of your comfort zone. Do you ever do it? If so, how far do you step out? I want to introduce you to Tony, one of my FitRanX Team members out in Texas. Tony was trying to decide if he should lease out a 133 sq ft facility. I know a lot of you guys are thinking 133 sq ft??? That’s like the size of my bathroom. But you have to put yourself in Tony’s shoes. He’s been running outdoor boot camps and has never had a brick and mortar location. Taking that step to lease out his own place was stepping way out of his comfort zone. This is all new territory to him. I know for some of us that have run larger facilities for a while, it’s hard to think back to when we opened up our first brick and mortar. That shit was scary! I have to tell you the truth guys. I actually had anxiety attacks….that’s right anxiety attacks. The worst part is I had just gotten out of the Marines when I started my business. I had just been overseas in hostile territory with bullets […]

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