Perhaps the most profound need within the human experience is to align your outside world with the internal identity you silently carry.

And on that pretense, please pardon this interruption…

Because the New Year’s goals and resolutions you feel so giddy about right now, I fear, may just be another set of predictable, annual mirages.



Which means ‘his’ blueprint will likely fall short of its promised capacity to transform you.

And ‘her’ step-by-step-guide will most probably not become the sanctuary of salvation it so pledged to be.

No cynicism or discord intended with those statements… Just an honest analysis from a man who has been in your shoes multiple times and learned of a different path.

We strive, often unknowingly, to align what we see, become and obtain in the outside world, with the internal identity of ourselves that we keep.

To change the outside, we must change the inside.


An important message I hope all Fitness Professionals heed in 2013…

…Perhaps even more so, help their clients heed.

Best to you in 2013 and beyond.



(aka Brian Grasso –