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Google + is New King For Local Fitness Leads

Google + is New King For Local Fitness Leads

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Guest Post By “SEO Ninja” Neil Venketramen of Last year Google release their social network called Google + You may have heard about it. It was supposed to be Google’s equivalent of Facebook. I never paid any attention to G+. I use Facebook and the thought of using one more social network was too much. There was no more time in the day to do this. Now this is all beginning to change. As a consumer you may still not use this and it makes sense if you already using Facebook. But as a business owner Google has yet again changed the game for us. Google has now completely got rid of Google Local places listing. As a quick recap, if you type in your search terms for your local business Google shows websites plus the Google local places results. And what they have done is now introduced Google+ Local pages. It is kind of a Google + social network page for businesses. Google+ Local pages have completely replaced Google Places pages. According to Google approximately 80 million Google Places pages worldwide has been converted to Google + Local pages. So if you had a Google local places account […]

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